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8 DIY Ways To Save Space in Your Dorm Room

8 DIY Ways To Save Space in Your Dorm Room

Need ways to save space in your dorm room? Here are 8 ways to save space in your dorm room. Dorm room organization is crucial for surviving college.

Stress is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of cramming all of my stuff in a dorm room. How am I supposed to fit all my stuff in a tiny little room? That’s when my creative side started to come out…how can I save space in my room? Well, keep reading to find out tips and ways to save space in your dorm room!

1. Roll your shirts.

Instead of being able to fit 10 shirts in a drawer double it by rolling your shirts. It will keep them neat and wrinkle free. Make your organization skills even better by adding drawer dividers!

2. Command hooks will become your best friend.

These things are perfect for everything. Hang lights, pictures and baskets. Pro tip: Hang your curling iron and straightener from command hooks!


3. Store your shoes in an ottoman.

Your ottoman can now double in its uses! Make sure to get one that has storage inside for your shoes. Now you can use it as a cute decoration by your futon as well as shoe storage. 

4. Make use of the space below your bed.

Get storage bins and store extra stuff below your bed. Keep a mini safe, your suitcase and even your mini fridge under your bed. 

5. Add a shelf above your desk.

If you’re feeling extra creative make a shelf to attach to the top of your desk. You can add picture frames and cute decor. It can also be a place to store books.

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6. Loft your bed.

Lofting your bed allows you to put your futon or desk underneath it. This gives you more room in between the beds. 

7. Storage cart.

Keep everything from snacks to cleaning supplies in your storage cart. The different shelves make it easy to keep all kinds of things in them.


8. Beside the bed pocket.

Need to reach something quick? Get a pocket to attach to the side of your bed. It’s perfect for books, lotion and your phone charger. 

Hopefully at least one of these ways to save space in your dorm room helped you. Good luck fitting all your stuff in your dorm room!! Look at places like Homegoods, Target and Bed Bath and Beyond.
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