14 DIY Wall Decor Items To Get That Fall Aesthetic

Fall is my favorite season! The colors are beautiful, the warm fuzzy sweaters, the yummy hot apple cider, and just the feeling of fall make me feel all cozy. This year, while we are all stuck indoors, is prime time to start making some DIY wall decor to really dec out our homes in that fall aesthetic.

There are so many fun projects that can be done and it all takes some of your creativity. You can find a lot of these DIY wall decor ideas on Youtube that will also give you a tutorial on how to create them if you aren’t sure how to start. Let your imagination explore this fall and even put your own spin on these awesome DIY wall decor ideas. If you aren’t sure what you are really looking for, here are fourteen super cute fall and Halloween DIY wall decor ideas for your home and or dorm this season.

1. Scarecrow Wreath

I don’t see many scarecrow fall decorations anymore, which is why I thought this scarecrow wreath was an awesome DIY wall decor idea. It looks like it would take quite a bit of time, but if you are bored out of your mind at home, this would be a perfect project to fill the time.

14 DIY Wall Decor Items To Get That Fall Aesthetic

2. Paper Rose Pumpkin

Yes, this isn’t hanging up on a wall, but I think this super awesome paper rose pumpkin can be made where only half of the pumpkin pokes out and the back of it is flat so you can hang it up on a wall, or even your front door like a wreath. You can find tutorials on Youtube on how to make this DIY wall decor project which is a super fun project to do while stuck indoors.

14 DIY Wall Decor Items To Get That Fall Aesthetic

3. Skeleton Hand Wall Hangings

I am not really sure if the actual skeleton hands on the boards are DIY, but what you put in the hands can be your DIY wall decor. The hands just add to that spooky factor of fall. It is a great way to incorporate fall and Halloween together for fun and festive decorations. Everyone will love these as they are super unique and are kind of funny.

14 DIY Wall Decor Items To Get That Fall Aesthetic

4. Autumn Floral Garland

My sister and I have made a couple of these floral garlands that you can hang up on walls. We just went outside and found branches that have fallen off of trees. Pick out some autumn colors for the flowers and then just tie them with the string you choose. We also added some jewels and beads in between the flowers on the garland to give it a little sparkle.

14 DIY Wall Decor Items To Get That Fall Aesthetic

5. Halloween Macrame Wall Hanging

Macrame wall hangings are some of the easiest DIY wall decor art projects you could do. The material is really easy to find at any craft store. These festive macrame wall hangings are perfect for simple yet cute Halloween decorations that can be put up anywhere in your home. It might be a little difficult actually getting them to look like a ghost and a pumpkin, but I am sure you can find a tutorial on Youtube.

14 DIY Wall Decor Items To Get That Fall Aesthetic

6. Fall Wood Art

A lot of people are getting into wood art and I think wood art works great for your fall decoration ideas. If you like that rustic look that just screams that fall aesthetic, then this piece is something that would look great in your home. This is something I’d have to ask someone else to do for me as I can not make wood art but definitely worth looking into because it is super awesome.

14 DIY Wall Decor Items To Get That Fall Aesthetic

7. Disney Halloween Leaf Art

My family and I are big Disney freaks and love going to Disney Land around Halloween time as they have it all decorated. This DIY wall decor art project is super easy and fun. If you are a big fan of Disney as well, I suggest having this cute wall decor hanging up in the kitchen or entry-way. It is a great festive piece that everyone will love!

14 DIY Wall Decor Items To Get That Fall Aesthetic

8. Halloween Picture Frames

For those of you looking for a very clean and simple DIY wall decor project, this one is simple and neat and looks so good up. I could see this up on an entry-way wall so that everyone can see it when they walk in.

A lot of this stuff you can buy at a Michaels or Hobby Lobby and you can put it together yourself. I believe the words are actual pictures, but I am sure you can buy sticker letters or words and make those picture frames yourself. Then you can choose what you want them to say.

14 DIY Wall Decor Items To Get That Fall Aesthetic

9. Candy Corn Button Art

If you have kids, or little siblings, or nieces and nephews, this is a super fun DIY wall decor art project to do with them. This is a super easy art project that you can make really into anything for the fall season.

I would try to make a pumpkin or squash to make it an all-around fall decoration than just Halloween. Or if you want just Halloween, make a creepy black widow spider with black and red buttons. This project will definitely let you get super creative.

14 DIY Wall Decor Items To Get That Fall Aesthetic

10. More Halloween Picture Frames

Okay, here is another idea for Halloween Picture frame decorations. This one is a little more fun and spooky. Buy some black picture frames and string. The spider web look in the bottom picture frame is so cool, but you definitely can make this DIY wall decor project your own and do whatever comes to mind.

14 DIY Wall Decor Items To Get That Fall Aesthetic

See Also

11. Leaf Wall

If you are looking for very simple yet awesome looking DIY wall decor, I have just the project for you! You can either use real leaves from outside or just buy a bunch of fake ones at a craft store. If you do use the ones from outside, I would use some Modge Podge to glue and seal them as they will probably fade after a while if you just glue them to the wall.

14 DIY Wall Decor Items To Get That Fall Aesthetic

12. Corkscrew Pumpkin Wall Hanging

I never knew there could be corkscrew art. Well, there is and it is awesome. This super cool DIY wall decor pumpkin was made out of chicken wire and corkscrews. Chicken wire is great for decor projects if you are looking for a rustic look.

Hang this wall art up in your kitchen, maybe close to where you keep your wine. If you do like that bit of orange showing under the corkscrews, glue some orange construction paper to the back of the corkscrews to make it a little more pumpkiny.

14 DIY Wall Decor Items To Get That Fall Aesthetic

13. Your Favorite Halloween Vine

“Lookit! It’s freaken bats. I love Halloween.” Awe yes, one of the best Halloween Vines out there. If you were a big fan of Vine and a big fan of this Vine, in particular, it makes for a great DIY wall decor project. Buy some black construction paper and cut out your own bats. Then you can buy those letter stickers and have them displayed anywhere in your home. I suggest the entry-way so that everyone will see it when they come over. It will be awesome!

14 DIY Wall Decor Items To Get That Fall Aesthetic

14. Chicken Wire Floral Wreath

Incorporating chicken wire into DIY projects has become very popular, which is why it is perfect to use for your DIY wall decor this fall season. If the theme of your home is rustic, then this DIY wall decor idea is perfect for you as the chicken wire gives off that rustic vibe.

The floral part of this wreath can be found at a Hobby Lobby, Jo-Ann’s Fabric, or even a Michaels. They are usually super cheap or on sale because I don’t think a lot of people buy faux flowers. However, they are awesome for DIY projects like these.

14 DIY Wall Decor Items To Get That Fall Aesthetic

Really get into the fall season this year and dec out your home with your very own DIY wall decor that will display that amazing fall aesthetic that we all love. What are some of your DIY wall decor projects? Let us know down below in the comments.

Feature Photo: https://unsplash.com/photos/IHL-Jbawvvo

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