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6 DIY Wall Art Ideas You Need To Try

6 DIY Wall Art Ideas You Need To Try

Adding wall art is the perfect way to liven up a room! DIY wall art is even more fun than store-bought wall art because it gives you the chance to personalize everything. Here are six wall art ideas that you need to try!

1. Splatter Paint Art

First up is splatter paint art! To start you’ll need some canvas or paper. Lay down a tarp or newspaper outside, cause this can get a little messy.

Choose a few colors that will complement the color palette of the room you’re intending to hang this art in. For example, a splatter paint art with dark blue, light blue, and gold paint would look great in a blue-walled room.


Once everything is set up, you can start flinging paint. Do so until you’re happy with the result. Let your artwork dry and then you can hang it up! If you’d like to tone down the crazy splatters, try framing your artwork. This gives it a cleaner, more professional look.

Now you have a beautiful and wild piece of art to admire!

2. Framed Art Prints

Next up is framed art prints. Art prints are great because they’re very beautiful, but since they’re just paper, they’re not as expensive as actual artwork.


Many modern artists sell art prints. Or, if you have a favorite old artist such as Monet or Van Gogh, you can find art prints of their work as well. If you yourself are an artist, you could frame some of your own work.

There are so many different frames out there that you’re bound to find one that fits perfectly in your room. If you’re hanging many art prints, try matching the frames to give your wall a seamless look. Thrift stores often have great troves of frames for a reasonable price.

3. Shelves

These hanging shelves are so simple and easy! All you’ll need is some rope, a wooden board, a drill, and some screw in hooks.


Begin by drilling four holes in each corner of your wooden board. The board can be any size you like. You can also stain or paint the board your desired color.

Take four pieces of rope and tie a knot at the end of each of them. Slip these knots through the holes in your board from underneath.

Tie the two ropes from each side together at the top. Screw in two hooks into your wall and hang the two ropes on them.


You can put anything on these shelves. Plants, books, and trinkets are all cute options!

4. Metal Grid

This metal grid is super versatile. You can find them at most construction stores. Hang up your metal grid with screws.

After that, all you need to do is use clothespins to hang things up on the grid. These could be pictures, cards, movie tickets, or any kind of keepsake you’d like to look at.


The metal grids usually come in black, white, gold, silver, and bronze. If none of those colors are what you’re looking for, try spray painting your grid to your desired color.

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These grids are great because you can constantly change what you display on them.


5. Dried Flowers

Next time you notice your bouquet of flowers is nearing the end of its days, don’t just throw the flowers out! Instead, tie a string around the flowers and hang them up on your wall. After a week or so, they’ll be completely dried out.

We’ve found that roses work best with this project. You can hang these on your wall in small bunches, or you can attach them to something like a stick as seen in the photo below.

This DIY wall art lets you bring a little bit of nature into your room.


6. Fairy Lights

You can do so many different things with fairy lights. You can use them to line the ceiling. You can create one wall full of fairy lights. You can wrap them around bookshelves or bed frames. A very cute idea is using sheer white curtains to create a dreamy golden glow in your room.

Whatever you choose, fairy lights are guaranteed to brighten up any wall in your house!



What DIY wall art are you itching to try? Comment down below your favorite idea!

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