DIY Fruit and Veggie Stamps

Here’s a really great DIY I got from A Beautiful Mess, where you just take fruits and vegetables, cut them in half, and use them as stamps! Don’t forget to wash them first!  It can be used to make a scarf, like the example below, or you can do a print on  a dress, shirt, bag, whatever you want to decorate. Take a look at what they experimented with, and try it out yourself!

The vegetables/fruit they used. Potatoes are also good, but try whatever fruit or vegetable you think you would like!

Apples and artichokes after they’ve been dipped in  paint. The artichoke was supposed to make a flowery design but it didn’t come out well.


How the apple looks! I like this print. Take out the seeds to give it that definition and make it look better.


This is the celery.. For this one you don’t cut it in half, but rather just stick the end of a piece in the paint.

A scarf with the celery print on it. I love the way this came out!


Did you make one? How did your scarf, shirt, etc., turn out for you?


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