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15 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts That Beat Store Bought Any Day

Everyone loves a gift that’s well thought out, represents who they are, and shows effort. Which is why 99% of store bought gifts go unappreciated. Sure, your girlfriend or boyfriend may like the shirt you just went out and bought at your local mall but do they actually appreciate it? I hate to say it, but probably not. That’s why personalized gifts mean so much! If you’re in the spirit of creating some DIY Valentine’s Day gifts this year, then these are some of the best DIY’s you can do!

1)  A Jar Filled Of Reasons Why You Love Them

Let your boyfriend or girlfriend know what they mean to you with a jar filled of 365 reasons why you love them! Make sure they open up one reason a day, and they will never forget how lucky they are to have you.

2) A Care Package Of Items They Love

If your boyfriend or girlfriend is off to college when Valentine’s Day rolls around, make them a care package! Nothing says I love you more then their favorite coffee, sweets, and other little trinkets!

3) To Hang On The Wall

This is one of the best DIY Valentine’s Day gifts because it can be shown off in every place they move! For example, if you give this to them in college, they then can take it to their first apartment and wherever they move after that. All that you need is an empty frame, some string, paper, pictures, and some staples!

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4) Because This Is The Cutest

Okay let’s be real, gong out on dates all of the time can get overrated. If you want to hang back this Valentine’s Day and relax, then create a movie night kit! I’m sure your boyfriend or girlfriend will appreciate it.

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5) “Open When” Letters

You better get started on this sooner rather then later, because it’s going to take you a while. The idea of “open when letters” is to be extremely thoughtful, so dig deep when thinking of these!

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6) Or, If You Want Something More Simple…

Open when letters are thoughtful, but do take some time to put together. So if you like the idea but want a simpler alternative, then this “10 Things I Love About You” gift idea is just as sweet, and fun to make!

7) A Scrap Book Of The Year You Fell In Love

The first year of dating is one of the most romantic, exciting, and scary times of your life! It’s a time where you’re completely obsessed with your significant other, and feel absolutely amazed by everything that they do. Never forget those moments and create a scrap book of your first year together !

8) A Gift To Open Every Hour

If you’re someone who loves to spoil your boyfriend or girlfriend, then get them a bunch of small gifts to open throughout the day that you know will mean a lot to them! These presents can be anything you want, just make sure they’re something that reminds you of that person.

9) Decorated Beer Bottles

If your boyfriend is a lover of beer, then grab him a six pack and decorate all of the labels. I’m sure this is something he will appreciate, which makes it one of the best DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas!

10) A Box Filled Of Romantic Date Night Ideas

This is one of the best DIY Valentine’s Day gifts because if we’re being honest, it’s easy to get caught up in our everyday lives and stop trying in our relationships. However, our relationships are just as important as work, school, or whatever else may be distracting you. To help spice your relationship up, come up with some date ideas to do each month!

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11) Surprise Her, With A Balloon Chandelier

This is such a cute idea. Basically before your girlfriend sees you, get a bunch of balloons and tie pictures of the two of you on the end. Trust me, she’ll totally be blown away (haha get it?) when she sees these!

12) Create Them The Ultimate Bath

If your boyfriend or girlfriend is anything like myself, they rarely ever give themselves a minute to relax. One of the best gifts is creating an environment where they can chill out, sip on some wine, and be in complete euphoria.

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13) A Little Book Of Kisses

If your relationship is on the newer side, then create a booklet of all the pictures you two have taken kissing one another! This is a cute and fun way to get a smile out of your boyfriend.

14) A Spray Painted Walk Way

If your boyfriend or girlfriend has a grassy area, then spray paint a walkway of hearts up to their house! This is a great surprise, and a relatively easy gesture!

15) Let Him Feel The Senses

Stack some boxes to create a cake, and using flash cards, fill up each sense box with activities that you two can do only using that sense. *Hint* this game is supposed to be dirty.


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