15 DIY Thrift Store Crafts To Try When You’re Bored

The quote “one mans trash is another man’s treasure,” holds very true for DIY thrift store crafts and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. You are about to make these thrift store items gold. The thrift stores have the best stuff for DIY projects. 

1. Sweater Pillow

Before you throw out that sweater that you have been holding onto forever try this DIY. You will be able to cherish your sweater a little longer by putting it to good use. If you are really good at this you can make other things into pillows like; scarfs, shirts, and even jeans. This DIY is an awesome way of holding onto a keepsake. If someone close to you gave you an article of clothing you can no longer wear you can make it into a sweater. This way you can hold onto that memory and see if every time you look at the pillow that you made. 


2. Throw Pillow Pet Bed

DIY can extend to your furry friend. In this throw pillow pet bed, your furry friend would be so happy and relaxed. As a fur friend parent, you should feel proud of yourself. No need to go to your nearest pet store since you already went to the thrift store. How cool would it be to watch your furry friend chill in something that you are created just for them? The bed would have more character if you choose pillows that are different colors and patterns. It would be easier to create if the pillows were similar in size.


3. Picture Frame Wreath

Home décor is one of my favorite DIY thrift store crafts. Bring out your creativity with this DIY thrift store craft. Spruce up your door with just a few thrift store items. Let’s begin, get your picture frame and remove the glass (you might want to hold onto the glass for a future DIY project). Paint the frame of any color or colors of your choice. If you want to go with the spring season pick soft colors like lavender, yellow, coral, and mint green. Of course, don’t mix them all, that would be very tacky. I find that your overall project looks best when the color of the flowers match the colors of the frame. Grab a handful of artificial flowers and wrap them together with a burlap ribbon. Use hot-glue to secure the ribbon. Wrap another layer of ribbon but leave a piece unwrapped. This section is going to be what your flowers hang from, so make sure it’s the right length. Then apply hot glue to the ribbon once you have it positioned where you like it and then stick onto the picture frame.  


4. See It, Spray It

DIY thrift store crafts are fun. This DIY craft can show you that a little bit of color can go a long way. If you see a plain statute or one that needs a touch-up, answer your calling. Grab it and grab your choice of spray can and get to work. The end result would not look like an item you got from the thrift store. DIY thrift store crafts can be a hobby you may pick up.


5. Suitcase Nightstand

DIY thrift store crafts don’t have to be shiny and new. They can have a more seasoned look. I like this unique DIY nightstand. I travel a lot and this is very creative. The thrift store is the perfect place to find old suitcases. Grab a collection of suitcases and place them from big to small. It best to have the hard-top suitcases since they are going to be stacked on each other.


6. Drawer Lining

DIY thrift store crafts can be created for any room in your home. This hidden surprise will definitely spruce up your kitchen. Line your drawer with a fabric of varies patterns but yet colors to match the current theme of your kitchen.


7. Tray of Rocks

This home décor is great for keeping your home clean and organized. This will be one of the first home décor items that those who visit your home will see. From the thrift store grab some dinner plate trays. To do a little extra, you can paint the tray to match the color of the rocks. Or paint the rocks to match the tray. If the thrift store doesn’t have the type of rocks you are looking for Michael’s or Hobby Lobby will. This tray is a great way to store muddy shoes from everyone in the house.

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8. Makeup Stand

A stand can change a lot. This DIY thrift store craft is simple and a lot better than the original. All you need is a candle stand, makeup tray, and some Gorilla glue. These items can be found at the thrift store and Hobby Lobby. The colors of the candle stand and makeup tray don’t need to match because you are creative and you can paint it to whatever color you desire. Spray paint is the DIY magic.


9. Ombre Mirrors

Ombre is everywhere from your hair, makeup, nails, to your clothes. So why not bring it to the mirrors in your home? Get 2-3 mirrors from the thrift store with any designs you like. Make sure the sizes of your mirrors are similar. You will need 2 colors you would like to combine together. Before you start painting make sure you remove the mirror, don’t want to make any permanent mistakes. This DIY is pretty simple and if you mess up a little it won’t be noticeable.


10. Rainbow Nutcracker

No matter what season you go to the thrift store I am positive you will find some Christmas themed things. What’s a Christmas theme without nutcrackers? DIY thrift store crafts aren’t limited to the season, especially when you’re bored. If you start spray painting a nutcracker and realize you don’t like the color, grab another can and spray. You are in charge.  Make something you are proud of.


These DIY thrift store crafts are super easy and you definitely won’t be bored anymore. Show off your creative skills and show me in the comments below.

Featured Image Source: https://www.realsimple.com/home-organizing/home-improvement/diy-home-projects-most-regretted
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