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10 DIY Spring Decor Ideas To Help Freshen Up Your Room

10 DIY Spring Decor Ideas To Help Freshen Up Your Room

How do you choose which DIY Spring Decor Ideas to use? Check out these 10 DIY ideas to find your inspiration for this spring's home decorating and unleash your inner DIY queen.

It’s so hard to decide on which DIY spring decor ideas to use. There are so many things that you can do for spring. Flowers are blooming now. Easter is just around the corner. You have a different color palette of pastels and greens to play with. Here is a list of 10 DIY Spring Decor Ideas that you should definitely try this season to brighten and freshen up your room.

1. Wagon Wheel Floral Wreath

This floral wreath is a unique and rustic idea that incorporates different elements of spring. Not only do you have your flowers, which are in season, but you also have a cute, little watering can as an accent. The wagon wheel brings the wood element and gives a boho, vintage vibe. You will love this wreath, which brings so much elements of nature and gardening to your room.


2. Framed Vertical Succulent Garden

Bring some live nature into your room with this succulent garden that is both a work of art and a living garden. If you are afraid that you don’t have a green thumb, don’t worry! Succulents are easy to take care of and don’t require a lot of maintenance. They work well in almost any environment. This beautiful succulent garden will give you plenty of plant babies to love and add a real touch of nature to your room.

3. Pastel Pine Cones

You can bring your artistic side into this project by painting pine cones pastel colors. This cute project brings a lot of spring colors into your room and really brightens the room up with just small touches. Not only are they great for everyday decorations but if you need decorations in a pitch for an Easter party or baby shower, these pines look chic and elegant.


4. Mason Jar String Art

Painted mason jars are everywhere. This project takes the original idea of mason jars as vases and adds a twist. This easy project won’t take much effort from you but you will have a creation that look rustic and beautiful. Imagine creating an entire wall that looks just like this. You will have a wall of picturesque flowers that never die.


5.  Floral Chandelier

Who needs a fancy, glass chandelier when you have a beautiful, floral one? This floral chandelier will be a great decoration to hang over your bed or your desk. It looks extravagant like the expensive floral arrangements that you see on your Instagram feed. No need for a messy lover to get a fancy arrangement. You can make one yourself! This floral arrangement is easy to make and will hang above your head as a constant, radiant spot in your room.

6. Butterfly Lattern

Spring is the season in which the butterflies return and fill the meadows and orchards. Instead of rushing out to catch butterflies, you can have little butterflies sitting with your tealights at night. This project is perfect if you want to add a spring touch to your romantic date nights or mood lighting to your night at home with a book.


7. Candlestick Birdhouses

This unique and quirky project will make you stand out from the rest with your spring decorations. The project itself isn’t complicated to make but it looks like decorations that you would buy at any home decor store. Instead of spending money on an expensive decoration, you can take matters into your own hands and create these elevated birdhouses. The pastel colors are perfect for Spring and Easter. You will surprise everyone when you tell them that these didn’t come from the store but were made by your own hands.

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8. Moss Eggs

The tradition Easter eggs are nice and colorful, but this spring, try making a moss egg. This DIY spring decor idea takes the traditional painted egg and gives it a modern and earthy update. These beautiful moss eggs brings real nature into your home and to Easter rather than just painted greenery and flowers. They give such a textured element to your decorations. You will definitely have the most unique and natural egg among your friends.


9. Pour Paint Marbled Planter

Give your terracotta or plastic planters a revamp this spring by doing this project! These pour paint marbled planters are truly a work of art and brings so much color into your room. No need for boring black or orange planters anymore when you can have fun creating paint pour art and giving a fabulous splash of color to your room. This project will be both relaxing and productive as you watch how pretty the paint is after you pour it over your planters and make brilliant, new homes for your plants.

10. Hanging Macramé Chair

This project is going to take some trial and error but once you accomplish it, you will be so proud of all the work you’ve done. This chair is so trendy right now and would be a great statement piece in the corner of the room. It’s also so comfortable to be suspend in air and just float in this chair. Give it a try and you will find this project very rewarding to know you made something so beautiful!


What DIY Spring Decor Ideas do you think should have been on the list? Tell us in the comments below.
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