5 DIY Skin Care Recipes You Can Make With Cannabis

During the last few years, we heard a lot about the amazing health benefits of  Cannabis and CBD oil on the treatment of common health issues such as anxiety, depression, and heart disease. Well, now many people have started to talk about the incredible benefits it can bring if used on our daily skincare, as well!  Not only it turned out to be a miracle on the prevention of acne but in general, it is an effective anti-inflammatory and antioxidant for all skin types. In fact, now you can find many nice and interesting beauty cannabis made products on the market ..but why don’t try the homemade way? Here, 5 DIY skincare recipes you can make with cannabis!

1. Cannabis Face Mask

This 100% organic DIY cannabis face-mask is easy to make and a pleasure to use! Moreover, it reduces fine lines and gives your tired skin a lift. How to make it? open 1 avocado and remove the pit. Scoop out the meat into the food processor. Add in 1/4 cannabis oil of choice. Add 2 teaspoon of spirulina powder. If you only have tablets crush them with a mortise and pestle first or they may harm the processor blades. Alternatively, soak tablets in a small amount of water until they are dissolved or gelatinous. Combine ingredients in the food processor until they are completely emulsified and the mix looks like green cake frosting! Try it!

5 DIY Skin Care Recipes You Can Make With Cannabis

2. Hemp Oil Body Lotion

Put 1/2 of shea or cocoa butter into a bowl and mix it alone until it’s soft. Add 1/3 cup of hemp seed oil in small amounts, mixing in between. Add 1 teaspoon of cornstarch or arrowroot powder and the other 10-12 drops of your favorite nourishing oil. Mix the lotion until it is to the desired texture. If your hemp lotion comes out too thick for your liking, add a little more hemp seed oil and a few more drops of your secondary oil.

5 DIY Skin Care Recipes You Can Make With Cannabis

3. Cleansing with CBD Oil

Take 13 oz of shea butter and 19 oz of cocoa butter and melt them over low heat until they liquefy. Once they have liquified, add 16 oz of CBD oil, 15 oz of olive oil and 27 oz of coconut oil and continue to warm over low heat until the mixture reaches 212 degrees. Turn off the heat and add 13 oz of lye. Be sure to stir the lye into the mixture evenly. The lye will react with the oils and you will see the mixture become cloudy and thicken. Place the mixture in the blender and pulse for 5 to 10 seconds. Gently stir the mixture and repeat until the mixture begins to cool and become thicker. Once you see the temperature has cooled, gently add 4 oz of your favorite fragrance oil and some flowers and make sure that it mixes evenly throughout the mixture. Finally, pour your mixture into whatever mold you have chosen. You’ll need to allow the soap to set and cure for 3-4 weeks to ensure the lye is completely eliminated.  Once your soap has set and cured, it’s ready for use! Lather up and enjoy!

5 DIY Skin Care Recipes You Can Make With Cannabis

4. Cannabis Scrub

The easiest e to make, a DIY gentle scrub is essential for sloughing off dead skin cells and renewing your skin brightness. Combine in your glass jar a bit of gentle exfoliant like 1/8 cup of sugar with 2tbsp of the regenerative and antioxidant properties of CBD oil. Stir until you’ve made a smooth paste…and you have your recipe for skin care perfection!

5 DIY Skin Care Recipes You Can Make With Cannabis

5. Cannabis Moisturiser

Another simple recipe which combines the deeply moisturizing properties of Argan oil with anti-aging and antioxidant CBD oil creating a luxurious serum that is perfect for moisturizing all skin types. Put in a bottle 1.5 oz of CBD Oil, 1.5 oz of Arian Oil, 5 drops of Lavender and 5 drops of rose oil. Mix and store in a cool, dry place. Apply few drops morning and evening and massage gently into your face! You will immediately feel the benefits!

5 DIY Skin Care Recipes You Can Make With Cannabis

Do you know other Cannabis recipes? Have you ever tried to make one? Tell us in the comments below!

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