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DIY Room Decor You Have To Follow For The Cutest Bedroom

If you’re here, reading this article, then you’re probably trying to look for new ways to decorate your room. If that’s the case, then you’re probably also someone who’s unhappy with the room decor that your local Walmart or Target has in stock, which we all are at some point. You’re frustrated, and eventually say, “I might as well just make something myself!” 

If that incredibly specific situation is the one that you’re in, congrats! You’ve found yourself in the right place. 

Here’s a few great DIY room decor tutorials that you can follow for your own room, based on the kind of styles that you may be looking for. We’ve got Scandinavian, Urban Outfitters, and Anthropologie inspired room decor ideas, and all of these DIY room decor tutorials are relatively affordable. 

1. Urban Outfitters Inspired DIY Room Decor

This DIY room decor by Paige Kaiser is super affordable, super cool, and will leave your room looking way better than before. Then again, all of these DIY room decor vids will do the same thing, but if you’ve been wanting anything from Urban Outfitters, and it’s over your budget, then this is the video for you. 

Kaiser shows you how to make a DIY plant hanger using a glass bowl, twine, flowers, and hot glue from Dollar Tree. She also shows you how to make simple word and line art, as well as how to make your own pillow by getting pillow stuffing, paint markers, and a pillowcase. It’s all super simple and pretty affordable, so if you’re under a budget, then you can definitely follow all of these helpful DIY room decor tutorials. 

2. Dollar Tree DIY Room Decor

Lone Fox is a notoriously well known DIY room decor YouTuber, and I’ve recommended his channel before. His channel mostly comprises of room redecorating, and affordable DIY room decor tutorials that are perfect for this exact occasion! 

In this DIY room decor video, Lone Fox goes over a few ways to get your room some decor by using things from Dollar Tree. He goes over how to create a distressed ceramic bowl, and a DIY vase using a pool noodle, acrylic paint, and Rustoleum spray paint. He also shows you how to create a small trinket tray, along with a super cute wall decor piece using beads, and flowers. There’s a few more DIY room decor tutorials in this one video, so I won’t go over all of them. I highly recommend following these if this is the kind of style you want. 

His tutorials are super informative and really easy to follow, so I recommend you go through his channel for all of your DIY room decor needs!

3. Anthropologie Inspired DIY Room Decor

All of these in the decor world know about Anthropologie. We also know that Anthropologie is absurdly expensive sometimes, so if you want something Anthropologie inspired, then this video from DIY Home & Projects is the perfect video for you! 

She shows you how to make a simple and cute tray using stain, transfer tape, and paint, as well as a ginger jar vase where you can add however many designs you want. She also shows you how to make this frame with a bit of bamboo skewers, a frame, flowers, black paint, and it’ll look so stylish. One of my favorites of this video is that she uses canvas frames to create a lamp for candles and it looks very high-end; almost like it came from Anthropologie themselves!

Again, all of this is very affordable, and comes from Dollar Tree. You don’t need to fork out hundreds to have a cool room, okay? You can just make it yourself! 

4. Scandinavian Inspired DIY Room Decor

DIY Home and Projects is back! This time, she’ll be showing you how to create really fancy and gorgeous DIY room decor that are Scandinavian inspired. 

In this DIY room decor tutorial, she shows you how to create a high end looking jar just by using contact paper, and a bit of paint, as well as renew a glass vase using paint and texture. She also shows you how to create a simple piece of wall art using those craft canvas frames, paint, transfer tape, and your favorite picture of the Internet. Her kind of designs for this Scandinavian look are so gorgeous! 

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All from Dollar Tree! I’m going to keep repeating it until my lungs give out, but you do not have to spend a fortune on room decor. Just make it yourself. You can even make a day out of it with friends and family. It’s that simple. 

5. DIY Wall Art!

Guess what, y’all. Lone Fox is back, and this time, he’s made a very helpful video about how to make and draw your own wall art! Every room needs at least a little bit of wall art, I mean, c’mon. Seriously, you do not need any artistic talent for this one, trust me. These are very user-friendly.

In this DIY room decor tutorial video, he helps you create your very own wall art for your room. These wall art pieces are Anthropologie inspired, some macrame wall art, as well as just good ol’ paintings. It’s all super simple, and definitely affordable. 

You know the drill. All of the things he mentions in his video — the paint, the canvases, the brushes, the twine, the rope, the everything — can mostly be found in your local Dollar Tree or your local Micheals. It’s that easy. 

Ultimately, how you want to decorate your room is up to you. You can go crazy at IKEA or buy a bunch of stuff at Anthropologie, or if you want to save tons of money, then you can take a trip to your Dollar Tree and make the stuff you want for yourself. Hell, if you share a room with someone else, (sisters, roommates, either one) then you could make DIY room decor together! Happy decorating!  

What are you thinking of decorating your room with? Let us know!

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