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10 DIY Projects Using Fall Foliage

10 DIY Projects Using Fall Foliage

Fall season is around the corner and we are ready to get creative with our hands! Follow this ten diy ideas with fall foliage to create unique decors for your house.

1. Leaf Bowls

This is a great activity, kid-friendly that you can make to add a unique element to your living room. To make this project you just need different leaves, a balloon, white glue, scissors and a sponge paint brush. Start by blowing up the balloon, mix equal parts of white glue and water. With the sponge paint brush apply the glue solution to the balloon and stick the leaves to it. Leave it dry for at least 24 hours before you pop the balloon. And there you have it your own leaf bowl!

10 DIY Projects Using Fall Foliage

2. Leaf Candle Holders

This candle holders are a creative and pretty addition to your nightstand or dinner table. To make this you will need a handful of your favorite leaves, a mason jar, and white glue. Cover the mason jar with the white glue and start adding the leaves to it, let it dry for at least 24 hours. To finish add a small candle on the inside of your jar and light it up!10 DIY Projects Using Fall Foliage

3. Leaf Banners

If you have a special party this a quick and inexpensive idea to add to your walls with different phrases or encouragement words for all your guests. To make it just get as much leaves as you need depending on your word or phrase, and with a marker of your choice write over them. When they are ready tie a string to each of the leaves steam and hang it up!10 DIY Projects Using Fall Foliage

4. Leaf Suncatcher

A beautiful way to decorate your house is to make this fall foliage DIY project! To make this leaf suncatcher you will need scissors, ribbon, contact paper, an embroidery hoop, twine and a handful of different colored leaves. To make it you need to cut two pieces of the contact paper to the size of your embroidery hoop and stick one to it, press the leaves on the contact paper. Then add the other piece and press them firmly together, smoothing them out. Add the ribbon to the top of your hoop and use it inside or outside your home.10 DIY Projects Using Fall Foliage

5. Leaf Roses

We know it sounds weird to say but leaf roses are a thing this fall you should try to DIY! To make thi you just need to find a couple of leaves and follow the next steps. Start by folding the leaf in half horizontally and then again but vertically this time. Then roll the leaf tightly to make the core of the rose. Repeat step 1 with another leaf and wrap it around the core of the rose and repeat over and over until you get the rose with much layers as you wish. You are going to make a lot of this to gift to your loved ones!10 DIY Projects Using Fall Foliage

6. Leaf Prints

This is the perfect DIY project to personalize your stuff and create unique gifts for this season.  Its super simple to make because you will only need acrylic paints of your choice, fall leaves, the cloth you are going to print on and wax paper. Paint the leaf on the side you are going to print it and stick it to your cloth of choice, cover with the wax paper and press down with your fingers. Remove and repeat to create your own design!10 DIY Projects Using Fall Foliage

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7. Leaf Crowns

These crowns are a great way to baptize your kids as your little queens and kings! For making this DIY foliage project just collect a bunch of your favorite maple leaves and cut the tip of the steam off. Fold another leaf in half and poke it with the cut stem of another leaf, repeat this step until you have the circumference of the person who is going to wear the crown!10 DIY Projects Using Fall Foliage

8. Leaf Pressed Coasters

This leaf coasters are going to come very in handy when you make you dinner parties this fall! Your guests are going to be surprise by the beauty of this and how easy they were to make. For making this you need a glass cut in your favorite shape, a bunch of leaves that have been previously pressed in between a heavy book, double sided tape, paint brush and copper foil tape. First start by wrapping the edges of your glass cut with the coper foil, add the leaves in your own unique way to it using small amount of the double sided tape to hold them in place. Then put the top glass and wrap again copper foil around all the pieces now, to hold them in place you can either glue them or add soldering iron to them, let them rest and they are ready to be used!10 DIY Projects Using Fall Foliage

9. Leaf Wreath

This DIY foliage project is a great one to make your house distinguish by adding it to your front door during fall season. For making this you will need an 18 inch wreath, one garland, leaves and decorations such as little fake pumpkins of your choice. To make it you need to start by taking all your leaves and pluck each leaf stem off, then start gluing your leaves and other decorations to your wreath with hot glue. Be sure to be extra creative on this step because that’s the end of this small but pretty project!10 DIY Projects Using Fall Foliage

10. Leaf Placemats

This leaf placemats are such a pretty piece to add to your dinner parties during the fall season and super cheap to make. First you will need artificial leaves, modpoge, sponge brush, plastic wrap and heavy books or something to flatten the placemats. Start by spreading the plastic wrap as big as you want your placemat. Use the sponge brush to spread the modpodge on top of the plastic wrap, then start placing the leaves and dab them with more modpodge. Repeat this step as desire cover it with another layer of plastic film when finished and flatten with a heavy book. Let sit for about 2 hours and then uncover, remove one of the plastic films and let dry overnight or for more than twelve hours. Enjoy your homemade dinner on top of this placemats!10 DIY Projects Using Fall Foliage

Let us know if you tried any of this fall foliage DIY projects!

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