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5 DIY Projects to Turn Your Photos into Wall Art

5 DIY Projects to Turn Your Photos into Wall Art

These easy DIY projects will turn your drab dorm decor into something both you and your roommate love and can show off to all your friends!

It’s the Tumblr dream room, really. Your dorm should be an expression of who you are as a person; your interests, friends, music you’re into, and so forth. I’ll give you 5 easy DIY projects to turn your drab dorm decor into something both you AND your roommate can show off to friends that’ll be jealous of your creativity. (I won’t tell anyone you read this article. Your secret’s safe with me).

1. DIY Polaroid Heart Display

This is one is my ultimate favorite! One of my hall-mates did this project in her room and it is absolutely adorable. Try it out for yourself!

Polaroid heart wall art is so cute!

Things you’ll need:


Print out 52 of your favorite photos, then lay out the pictures in the same heart pattern on the floor, or try to mimic a photo like the one above. After that, simply put double sided tape on the back of each one and voila! You have the cutest picture display on your wall.

2. DIY Natural Photo Hanger

I know it seems like this project is lame. Believe me, at first I was like “Why would you use a stick to hang pictures, that’s super dumb,” but now after seeing the final product I realize how great of an idea this is!

Things you’ll need:


First, you want to cut five strands of string, all about 3-5 feet long depending on how many pictures you want. Take your pictures and punch a hole in the center, top and bottom of every photo. Take your string and put it through the first hole punch in the picture and tie a knot, repeat this for the bottom hole as well. Continue on with your photos until you reach the end of every strand. And then it’ll turn out like this! (Hopefully)

3. DIY Photo Monogram Letter

For the Sorority girls with the Monogram letter obsession, this one’s for you.

This idea is so cool!

Things you’ll need:


Start with photos of your choice and place them how you’d like them to be put on the letter. The photos will have to be cut and placed to fit the letter so this just makes it easier to start beforehand. Next, you’ll need to know which letter overlaps which to start gluing. Once you know that, you can begin to slowly brush a light layer of Mod Podge to the spot on the letter where the picture will be placed. Add more photos; work out any air bubbles you find, and let the photos dry for around a half hour before adding the last layer of Mod Podge over the entire letter.

4. DIY Washi-tape Wall Art

If there’s one thing I love more on this earth than taking pictures of everything, it’s washi-tape. I honestly have a mason jar of them sitting on my desk and hang anything and everything up with it. Benefits: it doesn’t ruin your walls, it’s super cheap AND it’s super cute. Now onto the cutest and simplest DIY of this article…

washi tape makes anything cute

Things you’ll need:


You first want to print/cut out pictures of your choice, whether that be in black and white or color, the preference is all yours. Next, buy washi- tape. Buy ALL THE WASHI-TAPE. Seriously, I’m the consumer craft stores dream of. Any who, after you’ve picked out 5-10 different patterns of tape, the rest is history. Start hanging those Insta pics up like it’s no ones business (framed in the adorable washi-tape of course).

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5. DIY String of Polaroids

Surprisingly, I came up with this DIY myself about a year ago. I absolutely lalaLOVE my Polaroid camera (I use the Fujifilm Instax in the color white. It’s wonderful). It makes my love for photography even more relevant in my everyday life. Here are some pictures from my dorm room of the final product!

I love this idea!

Things you’ll need:


When pushed with the idea of how to hang these up, I went to Michael’s, bought a bunch of awesome crafty stuff, and went to work. I first started with the clothesline hangers. I bought about 2 packs of mini clothesline hangers and spray painted them gold. After taking about a day to dry, I took all of the Polaroids I had and strung string across my wall. Now that I’m in a dorm it’s a little different, I have sticky tack and push pins to hold the string in place (props to my oldest sister who came up with that idea).

If you try ANY of these DIY projects, please post it in the comments below, or share on social media. I’ll be on the look out for the crafty ones of the bunch!
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