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DIY Projects To Help Keep Your Room Organized

DIY Projects To Help Keep Your Room Organized

DIY projects, DIY Projects To Help Keep Your Room Organized

DIY projects are becoming more and more popular, and recently, not only have they been crafty, but certain projects can actually help make life easier! Try these DIY bedroom organization projects out to have some fun this summer and keep your bedroom clean and organized!

1. Spray-Painted Pegboard

Using a pegboard in your bedroom can turn a super small space in your room into the perfect place to store jewelry, sunglasses, and even picture frames. All you have to do is visit your local hardware store, purchase a pegboard, and paint it however you’d like! Keep your DIY project simple by purchasing spray paint in your favorite color and painting the pegboard solid, or get more creative and paint a design on your pegboard! Once it’s decorated and dried, hang it on your wall and store your jewelry safely in your room!

DIY Projects To Help Keep Your Room Organized

2. DIY Shoe Rack

Every time you visit a shoe store, it is inevitable not to purchase a new pair of shoes, right? But where are you going to store them all? You can go for the basic shoe pile at the bottom of your closet or under your bed, or you can turn a little nook or corner of your room into a DIY project and build your own shoe rack! Depending on the size of your shoes, you will have to purchase pieces of wood sized correctly to both hold your shoes and fit in your desired space. Paint the wooden slabs however you’d like and use a drill and screws to secure your DIY shelves to your wall. Place your favorite shoes on your shelves and enjoy your newly organized shoe collection!

DIY Projects To Help Keep Your Room Organized

3. DIY Makeup Brush Holders

Do you leave your makeup brushes sitting around on your dressers? Do you hide them away in a worn out makeup bag that you have been using for years? Then this DIY makeup brush holder project is for you! Turn your sloppy and unorganized makeup habits into something both cute and helpful! Purchase a few mason jars or glass jars from your local craft store or thrift store and clean them well. Next, you can coat the inside of your jar with glue and glitter, fill your jars with fake diamonds or pearls, or keep them plain and simple, it’s up to you! Add more decorations by adding your initials to the jars or bedazzling the outside of them with gems. Once you are done decorating, place your makeup brushes inside and enjoy!

DIY Projects To Help Keep Your Room Organized

4. Carabiner Hair Tie Holder

Do you ever wonder what has happened to the hundreds of hair ties and scrunchies you have purchased and lost throughout the years? Well, with this DIY project, you will no longer have that problem! This is quite possibly the easiest and fastest DIY project you will ever try! All you need to do is purchase a carabiner clip and collect all of your hair ties! Organize your hair ties how you would like on the carabiner, close the carabiner clip tight, and place your new hair tie holder in a convenient place. You will never have to worry about losing hair ties again!

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DIY Projects To Help Keep Your Room Organized

5. DIY Felt Drawer Organizer

Are you tired of searching through your unorganized underwear and bras to find the ones that you are looking for? Does it take you forever to get your drawer closed because your clothes are so unorganized and shoved together into one pile? Then you need to make your own DIY felt drawer organizer to keep your undergarments in place! Simply purchase a few pieces of felt, measure the length and height of your drawer, and cut the felt into strips. Once you have your felt pieces, lay them out and glue according to the pattern to create little holes in your felt organizer. Let dry, place the organizer in your drawer, and enjoy your newly organized clothes!

DIY Projects To Help Keep Your Room Organized

What DIY project are you most excited to try? Comment down below!

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