5 DIY Projects To Adorn Your Backyard

DIY projects are a great way to spend our time creating, getting our mind of things and why not? Making things look prettier! This time we bring you some backyard DIY projects you can implement on your free afternoons to make it look as if you copied from a magazine without spending lots of money or renovating it. Let’s get our hands messy and dig in with these projects!

1. From Tires to Planters

Get yourself a few tires to start recycling them by making this DIY project! You can find tires in various of sizes to make different planters and add your favorite flowers to them. To make these planters you will need a tire of your choice, enough sisal rope, a wooden base to support your tire, screws, hot glue, bolts, nuts and a plywood or end of wood spool. Start by placing the plywood into the base of the tire by drilling it with the nuts and bolts. Then attach the base of the planter to the plywood and tire with the screws. Now get your hot glue gun and the sisal rope and start attaching it to the tire very close together. And there you have it just add soil and your favorite flowers!

5 DIY Projects To Adorn Your Backyard

2. Succulent Garden With Cinder Blocks

This small succulent garden is a perfect DIY project to add to your backyard especially if it’s a small one! Find one corner in your backyard you want to embellish and get also some of the prettiest succulents you can find. Start by assembling you cinder blocks in different directions of your choosing. When you have figured out the pattern of your cinder blocks as if you were playing Tetris add the soil and plant the succulents in the empty spaces. To make this spot in your backyard a more personalized section you can paint your cinder blocks with colorful and creative drawings!

5 DIY Projects To Adorn Your Backyard

3. Lighting Up With String Lights

Want to make your backyard a more romantic setting? Well this DIY project involving string lights is definitely here to help you with that! You can get cheap string lights that are water resistant in a various of bulb designs and different light colors. This type of string lights will only need batteries to function which will save you tons of annoying cords and electricity on your bill. You can add string lights to the trunk of the trees in your backyard or hang them in between the trees to make it look as if the lights where stars hanging in your own backyard.

5 DIY Projects To Adorn Your Backyard

4. Cracked Log Lamps

To make this DIY project you will need to make a quick trip to your nearest sawmill. Be sure to ask for some logs in various sizes and widths. Another thing you will require is logs that are empty on the inside and the more cracks they have on the outside the better your lamps will look. When you have your cracked logs add some light bulbs on the inside and light them up at night to see the magic happening in your backyard!

5 DIY Projects To Adorn Your Backyard

5. Old Chair Into a Swing

This DIY project couldn’t look prettier without being so easy to do! Get an old rock chair you don’t need any more, a broken one or buy one from a thrift store. You can start by cutting the legs and armrests of the chair and leaving just the sitting part of it. The try changing the color of your chair or adding a new design to it. When you have this done thrill a few holes on your chair to pass the rope thru it. You have your swing now just find the perfect spot for it in your backyard and enjoy it!

5 DIY Projects To Adorn Your Backyard

Ready to get creative with this DIY projects? Your backyard will thank you!

Featured Image Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/ORiFLge1Cus
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