DIY Projects For Your Dorm

As everyone is gearing up for Back to School and putting together everything you will need in the dorms, we found a couple of cool DIY projects that will make your dorm look like no other without spending a fortune.  Each project will help you and your new roommates get organized from day one.

DIY Projects For Your Dorm

Problem: I have to get ready super fast to go to a party and my makeup is everywhere…

Discover this genius idea, the makeup magnet board from this great DIY blog, Laura Thoughts. Say goodbye to your old messy and powdery makeup basket sitting on the bathroom counter or your cluttered desk.  All you need is an actual magnet board (or some metal and an old frame), magnets from the dollar store and some glue. You can even use a fabric covered cookie sheet as the board like this one from Etsy. Attach the magnets to each of your makeup items (eye shadows, bronzer, blush) and voila!  You know have the most accessible 3D make up bag around.

DIY Projects For Your Dorm


Problem: Our room is really small. We have nowhere to put all our stuff and nowhere for people to sit …

Crate seats are the solution to lack of storage space and groups of friends coming to your room to hang out. All you need is crates, fabric, plywood and a foam mattress pad. You can easily order the crates from Kmart or Target, and get the rest at Home Depot. You can even match the fabric to the colors of your room!

DIY Projects For Your Dorm

For all the details on how to make these crate seats yourself, check out Ginger Snaps or Tupelo Honey .


Problem: I don’t know where to put all my dirty laundry, and there is no spot for a laundry basket…

If your dorm room allows it, the best way to deal with laundry baskets is to hang them on the wall. That way you and your roommates save some space and instantly know when the baskets overflow and it’s time to get some laundry done. No one gets too tempted to pile clothes on top of it, which is so easy to do when it’s hidden in your closet, or stuffed under your lofted bed.

All you need for this project is to install some shelving hardware and slide your baskets on. You can order the shelving from Home Depot and get the baskets from Kmart, Walmart or Target. Brilliant!

DIY Projects For Your Dorm


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