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DIY Photo Canvas Wall Art


This simple DIY photo canvas doesn’t have many steps or take too much time. You can easily transport and display your photos without worrying about ruining them, them falling off, or ruining your wall with holes or tape that won’t come off. And you can print off photos from your computer or Instagram to complete this, whatever you’d like.


  • Photos (Instagram or others)
  • Canvas (however big you want)
  • Matte Mod Podge
  • Paint brush

First you just need to print out your photos. You can easily do it from your computer if you have some stored, or there are programs to use so you can take photos from Instagram. You won’t want them too big, it all depends on how big your canvas is.

Next you arrange the photos on the canvas. Play around a little until you find the right design, because once it’s done you won’t be able to just take a picture down and put it somewhere else like you could if you were just taping them to the wall.

Once you have it looking the way you’d like, apply the Mod Podge to the canvas to make the photos stay. If you’d like, you can seal your photos with another layer of Mod Podge once your done with the first to really make sure they won’t fall off.

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Now just display your photo creation! It’s a cute way to make a photo collage without too much hassle. Now you won’t have to print out photos for your dorm room every year because can just bring this photo canvas.

Inspiration and photos from here.

Did you make a DIY photo canvas? Post a pic below!
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