7 DIY Pet Ideas For Your Four Legged Friend

7 DIY Pet Ideas For Your Four Legged Friend

Our four legged friends are more than just friends.  They’re family. So finding new things for them to play with and love is something we are always looking for.  Instead of buying all those store bought items, Here is a list of 7 DIY pet ideas for your little fur-ball.

1.) DIY Cat scratch post

Cats love to scratch.  One thing you don’t want them doing is scratching up your furniture, or your leg.   Making a DIY scratch post is something they will be grateful for. Finding a pillar or two and winding them with some soft rope, fabric or yarn will give them a place to go when they have the urge to scratch.  Using a strong glue will help attach the rope to the post, leaving their new toy ready for them to play with.

7 DIY pet ideas for your four legged friend

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2.) Braided rope toy

Dogs love to play tug of war.  This is the easiest and cheapest DIY idea you could make for your dog.  Using old fabric, t-shirts, or rags simply braid them in a strip with a knot at each end.  Your dog will love it and when it eventually ends up getting destroyed, you spent no money and there’s no harm.

7 DIY pet ideas for your four legged friend

3.) DIY Cat tent

Cats LOVE being in small dark places.  They will climb in boxes, sinks, vases or cups if they can.  One easy and inexpensive thing to do for your kitty is to make them their own cat tent.  Simply take an old t-shirt and tie or sew it closed on the Biggest end. Tuck in the sleeves and fit the whole t-shirt over a box, leaving the neck hole as the cats door.  It will be you cats favorite new place to hang out.

7 DIY pet ideas for your four legged friends

4.) DIY Dog sweater

This one can also be an Inexpensive DIY idea for your little pup.  Making him his own sweater for those chilly days. A kids sweater is probably going to be the best bet, so a trip to the goodwill might be necessary.   Simply using the neck hole for your dog, you would cut off the bottom of the sweater once measured to your dogs length and cut off the arms, making tighter arm holes for your pup.   If your dog gets chilly like my dog, they will be super grateful you read about this DIY tip.

7 DIY pet tips for your four egged friend

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5.) Sweater Bed

While we are on the subject of using your own clothes, this DIY tip for your pet is really fun.  YOu can use an old sweater and make a dog/cat bed simply by adding pillow stuffing. Sew the bottom of the sweater and arms of the sweater shut.  Fill the whole sweater with pillow stuffing and then sew the neck hole closed. Once it is filled, then sew the arms to the body of the sweater to make it all one piece.  Your pet will love it because it is soft and cozy AND it smells like you!

7 DIY pet ideas for your four legged friend

6.) DIY Water Bottle Treat Finder

Once again this DIY idea allows you to use a recycled item in your house.  For dogs and cats, add a few of their treats or pieces of dry food to the water bottle and glue the lid on.  Then, cut a few holes in the water bottle. This becomes a game for a treat. They will fight and spin the bottle around to try and get the treats out.   You could also use a pringles can or a plastic pipe.  A simple DIY idea to keep your pets happy!

7 DIY pet ideas for your four legged friend.

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7.) DIY Cat Tassel

Making a play Tassel for you Cat is definitely an easy DIY idea that’s worth trying.  All you need is a dowel, some ribbon, a few feathers, pom poms and bells. You cat will love the play and be excited for something new.  You could easily make one all out of ribbon and feathers and one with pom poms and bells.

7 DIY Pet toys for your four legged friend

Did you know making DIY ideas for your pet was so easy?  Not to mention inexpensive.  You probably have half of the items in your house right now?  So,  which one will you pet love most?
Featured Image: https://mashable.com/2014/07/20/diy-cat-beds-toys/#fwb8zHI6yZqc
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