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DIY Pearl Chanel Sunglasses

DIY Pearl Chanel Sunglasses

Still coveting Rihanna's pearl Chanel sunglasses? Here is an easy do it yourself tutorial on how to get the look for much less!

Want a pair of your own Chanel sunglasses without the price tag? Make them yourself! Here’s a simple DIY on how to make the pearl Chanel sunglasses as seen on Rihanna at the 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.  All you need are a string of pearls (real or fake), wire-framed round sunglasses, and heavy duty adhesive.

You’ll want to pick sunglasses that are big enough so that when you put the pearls on, you can still see out of them. Stores like Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters have plenty of choices, and even better, you can get a discount when you shop with Studentrate!

The size of the pearls is up to you, though the original pair had larger pearls around the outside. Measure your strand of pearls against the circumference of your lenses so you know how many you’ll need. Once you know, cut the strand of pearls to the correct size, and leave at least an inch of string on both sides to work with.


Make a knot with the strand of pearls. You want to make sure that it is taut, and that the pearls don’t have room to slide around. Of course, you can also not keep the pearls on a string and put each pearl on separately, but this can be time-consuming and you might not get a perfect circle. Repeat these steps to make another pearl circle for the other lens. Don’t cut off the excess string.



Next step is to apply the adhesive. If you can, find one that dries clear and will contract so you don’t have to worry about the glue being seen.


Now carefully lay your string of pearls against the outside of the lens. You’ll want the extra string to be at the bottom. Once they are put in place you can adjust them to make sure you have the perfect circle.


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You can also put pearls on the sides of your sunglasses if you wish. To do this just put your adhesive on the back of individual pearls, waiting for it to become slightly tacky, and place them on. This will help so that the pearls don’t just fall off, since the surface area is not as big.


Now just let them dry, for around a day or two, cut off the extra string, and wear your new pearl Chanel sunglasses! Of course, there are other variations to these sunglasses such as just putting pearls on the rims, and here is a good tutorial for that.

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Did you try out this DIY pearl Chanel sunglasses tutorial? Let us know how it went in the comments below!

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