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DIY One Spangled Nail Art

DIY One Spangled Nail Art

If you are into nail art but don't know if you have the skills it takes to pull it off? Have no fear, this nail tutorial is perfect for beginners!

Doesn’t nail art always look so hard? Especially if you’re like me, and just painting your nails is a painstaking process that often goes wrong. But most nail art really isn’t as tough as it seems. The trick to many of them is simple: tape. This tutorial for a one spangled nail is very easy, and the only trick to it is using tape!

How To:

First, paint your nails the base color that you want. In this case, the base coat is black. The exception is whatever nail you want to have the design on it. You’ll paint that nail the color that the design will be.


Make sure your polish is completely dry before the next steps, or else could end up ruining your nails because the tape will rip up the nail polish. First cut 5 very thin strips of scotch tape.

Then place the strips on your nail. Place one directly in the middle (if it’s not perfect, don’t sweat it), and continue on from there. To make this design, put two more strips on either side of the strip in the middle. Make sure to press pretty firmly, so you know that the strips are placed correctly and are completely down.

Now paint over the tape with the polish you used on all of your other nails.

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Remove the tape quickly. Don’t let that paint dry. Once removed, you should have the design. Don’t forget to apply the top coat once you’re finished.
Ta-da! You’ve done your very own nail art.

Pictures and tutorial from here.