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10 DIY Minimalist Decor Ideas

10 DIY Minimalist Decor Ideas

These minimalist decor ideas are perfect for anyone who loves DIY project! Here are some of the top DIY decors for you to try!

DIY décor can be a great inexpensive way to decorate your home, especially if you’re on a budget. You can easily go to the store and buy supplies for a project at a fraction of the cost it would be to buy the décor item at a store. When scrolling through Pinterest, you can find all kinds of DIY décor projects that suit your preferred style. One of the many styles that can be found is the minimal style. This décor theme creates an aesthetic that is simple, neat, fresh, and clean. Minimalist décor is intended to provide decoration without cluttering your space with unnecessary stuff. However, there are a plethora of DIY décor projects to choose from. So, here are 10 DIY minimalist décor ideas to help you get started with achieving your affordable minimal décor dreams.

Pegboard Wall Organizer

This DIY wall organizer is a must-try for anyone who is always losing their stuff. If you’ve ever spent an excessive amount of time running around looking for your keys, your purse, and your favorite cardigan, then you need this minimal wall organizer. Its minimal aspects can be seen in the simple wooden design, which holds pegs and shelves to keep your things organized in one place. It’s the perfect combination of minimal and organization.


Leather Strap Clock

This is the ideal clock for a minimalist. The simple wooden, numberless design gives it a clean and simple look. Its lack of color makes it perfect for any décor theme. However, if you’re in need of a more practical clock, you might want to add some numbers.

Moon Phase Mobile

If you’re a lover of the night sky and simple home décor, then this DIY minimalist project is just for you. Create a simple moon phase mobile out of clay to hang from the wall or ceiling of any room in your house. Not only is this DIY project super easy, but it’s an easy way to bring some life to a bare wall.


Minimal Clock

Clocks are a great decoration piece for any room. If the room you’re looking to decorate is intended to have a minimal vibe, then you need to add this DIY minimal clock. This clock will look great in just about any room because of its simple design.


Minimal Floor Mirror

A floor mirror is a great item to have in your room for many reasons. Maybe you’d like to get a look at your outfit to make sure you look good before going out. Maybe you need it to take a nice mirror selfie for Insta. Whatever your reason is for wanting a floor mirror, if you’re looking for one to fit the rest of your minimal furniture, you should give this DIY project a try. It serves every purpose of a mirror while simultaneously being simple.

Beauty Dock

This is possibly the simplest beauty dock you’ve ever seen. The fresh, minimal design it what makes it so appealing. If you’re in need of a vanity that fits your minimalist style this is the DIY project you need to try. At first glance this beauty dock appears to just be a mirror resting on a wooden block. However, you’ll realize that there is some simple and convenient storage too.


Hanging Half Frame

If you’re looking to add some wall art to your living space, this is a great DIY décor idea to try. With this DIY project you can pick your own wall art and create a simple frame for it. It is very customizable to fit your specific minimalist theme.

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Wooden Crate Shoe Organizer

Shoe boxes can create clutter and clash with décor themes. Simply put, they aren’t ideal storage for your shoes. If you’re looking for a clutter free storage solution that also meets your minimalist requirements, then you need to try this DIY show organizer. This is also a great décor piece because you can switch up the design to freshen up the look of the room whenever you’d like. On top of that you can also decorate the crates with more décor items like plants and other trinkets.


Copper Pipe Plant Hanger

This DIY minimalist décor project is perfect for plant lovers. These simple and easy to make copper plant hangers are a great way to display your succulent plants in a very minimal way. The copper color is also a great way to add some color to typically colorless set up.

Floating Night Stand

This night stand not only has a minimal design but is also unique. Instead of sitting on the floor like most night stands, this one hangs from the wall. Creating the illusion that it’s floating in the air. Since this night stand is made from plain wood and lacks excessive storage, it is perfect for every minimalist.


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