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DIY Leg Warmers

DIY Leg Warmers

DIY: Legwarmers


Making your own leg warmers is super easy! All that it requires is some scissors and an old sweater, either one you don’t wear or like anymore, or something cheap you picked up at a thrift store for this purpose. It seems like you can make pretty much any winter-wear accessory by cutting up an old sweater, and it saves a lot of money. Now that winter is almost at an end, you can turn those sweaters you were going to get rid of into legwarmers!

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First just cut the sleeves of off your sweater. Depending on how long you want them to be, you can cut near the seam, or make them shorter and cut a little farther down. As you’ll see later, these go up past the knees, so if you don’t want them that long, you can easily make them shorter.

diy legwarmers2

And then you wear them! If you have any old jackets or shirts, you can use this same technique, as long as it will fit around your calves. If the leg warmers are a little big, like they might be if you made them using the sleeves from an old jacket, you can just pin it tightly at the top. And voila, you have your own pair of leg warmers.

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