DIY Lace Flowerpot

Putting some lace around your flowerpot is easy and it really makes it look much better. It’s a great apartment or house decoration, and can even work in a college dorm room, though good luck keeping flowers alive. And lace is a good material to use because it matches with a lot of things, and can add a girly touch to your room.

diy lacepots

To start, all you need is lace, scissors, glue, and terra cotta pots.

diy lacepots3

First, brush glue onto the outside of the pot. Just do one at a time if you’re planning on making more than one.

diy lacepots4

Once the glue is applied, put the lace on the outside of the pot. Brush another layer of glue over it to make sure that it stays.

diy lacepots5

Before using it as a pot, let it dry completely so the lace really sets and won’t peel or fall off.

The more the merrier! These look great in a set, and since they’re so easy and quick to make there is really no excuse not to put lace onto all your flower pots!

diy lacepots2


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