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DIY Instagram Magnets

DIY Instagram Magnets

Having personalized magnets for your home or dorm room fridge is always a nice touch. Plus, you can make some nice gifts for others now that the holiday season is approaching. And these DIY magnets are so easy to make! You can print out Instagram photos, as is done in this tutorial, or you can print out whatever you want! Maps, paintings, whatever. There are tons of apps to help you get Instagram photos printed out and delivered right to your door.

diy mag5

Besides what you want shown on your magnets, you’ll also need a pen/pencil, scissors, and magnet adhesive paper, which you can buy off Amazon, or at Staples, Walmart, and other craft stores like Hobby Lobby.


diy mag3

First you take a photo, lay it on the magnet adhesive paper, and trace it, so you know how big to cut the adhesive.

diy magnets7


Cut along your tracing. Once it’s done, lay the photo on the paper again, to see how it looks. If the magnet shows, then trim it until it is hidden behind the photo.

diy magnets2

Remove the backing of the adhesive and CAREFULLY place your photo down. It’s sticky, so you’ll really only have one shot at place the photo. However, if you mess up, you can just cut off the extra magnet.


diy magnets1

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And that’s it! Less than 10 minutes total, and you can easily make many at one time. A nice, personalized touch.

diy magnets6


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