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10 DIY Ideas To Spice Up Any Room

10 DIY Ideas To Spice Up Any Room

Best DIY ideas for you! Who doesn’t love #roomdecor, and rearranging their rooms whenever they get the chance? But, do you know what is better than redecorating? Doing It Yourself

I have done a lot of DIY, and enjoy the result 10x more when I do it myself.

So, here are my top DIY ideas, that would be perfect in anyone’s room: (Lets spice up these rooms)


1) A DIY Heart Picture Wall 

A picture wall is a must; it displays all of your memories and allows you to re-experience the best times of your life, by a simple glance at an old picture. Now Im not talking about just pictures on a wall; we’re going to get a little more creative than that (we are DIYers for chrissake). Arrange the pictures on the wall in the shape of a heart, to make unique wall art. You can organize the pictures by dates, or colors, or you can just lay out the pictures where ever, making sure it is a heart. Spice up the piece by adding fairy lights forming the hearts and emphasizing its shape.

2) DIY Night Table Tree Trunk 

Now, this is personally one of my favorite DIY ideas, as it’s a natural way to recycle environmental props. I do not want you going around cutting trees for this DIY, as that completely defeats the purpose. There are a lot of abandoned tree stumps in forests so, if you do find one- clean the trunk and make sure no insects are living inside. Next, sandpaper the surface, and then spray the entire project with clear enamel spray (perfect for wood) as it creates a shiny, smooth appearance. Voila, that is how to “naturally” liven up any room


3) DIY Vintage Book Shelf

For all my Shaksperean lovers out there, we are going to create a DIY bookshelf, that our favorite 18th-century writer would approve of. This one is the most complicated of my DIY ideas, and if you can always skip these steps – and buy a bookshelf, but that defeats the purpose of DIY. So, we are going to begin by measuring and cutting the plywood frame, and then cutting and fixing the shelves to fit in the frame. (For a more thorough explanation, I advise watching a “How to Build a Book Shelf” video). If your books are more modern and do not have that “ancient, Shakespearean” look, we must DIY our own book covers. Printing out, on an A4 paper, an ancient-looking book design, and then molding it on the book, and finally, securing it with tape. 


4) DIY KAWAII Pen Holders

If you are like me and have an obsession with school and supplies, then this DIY idea will feed your obsession, and spice up your room. Begin by applying primer and letting it dry, then using a foam brush, we will paint our jars in the color of our choice, ending with 2-3 coats. Once it is dry, we will outline (with a pencil), the faces we want on our jars, if satisfied with the drawing, paint over it with acrylic paint, and top it all off with a sealant to protect from chipping. 

5) DIY Vintage Tea Cup Candles

Wow, this one is one of my favorite DIY ideas, and would sit perfectly on your Shakesperean bookshelf (just be careful not to burn it down). We are going to begin by placing a wick in the middle of the teacup, melting wax over it, and letting it solidify. If you want a scent, you can add a couple drops of essential oil, while pouring in the wax. It’s that easy to create a handmade candle, immediately spicing up any room.

6) DIY Photo Clipboards

If you are a traveler, and a hoarder, taking and keeping every napkin, ticket, and pamphlet then this one is perfect for you. Since this can take quite a lot of space, I personally just use 3 clipboards, but you can do more than that if your walls are empty enough. Assign a country, or state, to each clipboard and start off with a picture, or magazine cover that displays the country. Next, add all the memories you have from that place, by clipping it down on top of the picture. This piece will remind you of your travels, and put good use to all those stockpiled memories. 


7) DIY Chalkboard Wall

Now, this piece would be perfect for anyone, depending on if you would use it as a to-do list, or goal list, or just as a statement piece that you could draw on. All you have to do, is buy a chalkboard roll on Amazon, stick it to the wall (like an oversized sticker) and liven up the entire room. This is good for self-expression as you can do anything from creating a floral pattern using colorful, pastel chalk or writing down an itinerary for the day.

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8) DIY Chalkboard Globe

If you have any chalkboard sticker leftover, and a traditional globe that needs spicing up- we are going to put a spin (literally) on a boring globe. Layer the chalkboard paper, until it covers the entire surface of the globe, and using an Exacto knife, carve a quote that inspires you on it,  sparking your wanderlust from your own room.


9) DIY Country Art

We have a globetrotting vibe going on, and I love it. For this DIY, the simplest of them all, you need to find maps of the countries or states that you live in, grew up in, or simply the ones that have a special place in your heart. Then frame them, creating modern art that is unique to your room.  

10) Last but Not Least: DIY Lava Lamps

When you were younger, weren’t you mesmerized by these lamps that just seemed to grab our attention for hours and hours? Well, we are going to re-live those memories by creating our own! All you need to do is fill a glass bottle with oil, and a tad bit of water, then add small-large drops of food coloring. Voila, simple, easy DIY to ornament any room.


Hope you enjoyed my DIY ideas! Please share and comment!