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DIY Hot Flat Iron Holder

DIY Hot Flat Iron Holder

DIY Hot Flat Iron Holder

For those days when you’re late and rushing around to get ready and you don’t have time to wait for your flat iron to cool, or you’re going away on vacation and need a place to store it, here’s a DIY hot flat iron holder for you. It’s very easy and is basically just one step. You can turn a pot holder into a storage place for your flat iron so you don’t have to worry about it cooling down or burning your other items. Choose a pot holder that you have lying around your house or go out and buy a cute, cheap one from a dollar store or grocery store.

flat iron holder

So all you do is fold the pot holder in half lengthwise, and sew! Sew up the side vertically and the bottom so it won’t fall out. You can use a sewing machine or just do it by hand. And now you have the perfect storage or carrying case for your flat iron.


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