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DIY Holiday Decoration Ideas

DIY Holiday Decoration Ideas

These DIY holiday decoration ideas are going to have your home looking beautiful this Christmas! Here are some of our favorite DIY decorations!

With December quickly approaching, it is time for all of us to start getting ready for the holidays. Not only should we begin organizing our holiday lists, but it is time to let decorations adorn our homes and show that we have holiday spirit. The holidays can be an expensive time for most people, but decorating your house for the holidays doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are a few DIY holiday decoration ideas that will help you get into the holiday spirit without burning a hole in your pocket.

1. Plastic Spoon Christmas Tree

Do you have a number of plastic spoons you don’t know what to do with? Instead of throwing them away, why don’t you use your crafting skills to fashion a mini Christmas tree centerpiece out of them. Your next holiday party could use these unique and affordable trees to liven up the holiday spirit. Now the only problem is who will be lucky enough to take one home?


2. Santa Wreath

A wreath is a traditional holiday decoration. However, they can get expensive. For an inexpensive alternative, take a Styrofoam circle, some tulle, and a Santa hat. Glue them all together and you can create your own DIY festive,holiday,  wreath that won’t break the bank. This is one of the best DIY holiday decoration ideas!

3. Mason Jar Candles

This is a simple way to bring the holiday spirit into your home. Decorate a mason jar in any festive way you can think of to bring a little joy into your home. Whether you decorate it like Santa Claus or a Christmas tree or give it your own holiday flare, these candles are sure to brighten your holidays this season. It is the perfect DIY holiday project.


4. Holiday Decorative Sign

A plank of wood goes a long way. You can use one to make a festive holiday greeting for your guest this holiday season.All you need is a blank of wood and some spray paint. It can’t get anymore inexpensive than that!

5. Gold Leaf Pine Cone Garland

Take some pine cones from your yard…or from your neighbor’s yard, some rope, and some gold paint to make this elegant garland. This is a great piece of DIY holiday decor for your next holiday party. It is not only elegant, but it will bring some peace and goodwill to men into your home. This is one of our favorite DIY holiday decoration ideas!


6. Snowman Front Door

Transform your front door into a snowman using just construction paper. It can’t get any simpler and it will be the talk of the neighborhood. Every child and parent will find your house the place to be to celebrate the festivities.

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7. Candy Jars

Pick a batch of your favorite holiday candies and place them in any clear, decorative, jars you may have around the house. The jars make great centerpieces for your holiday feast or they can be simple decorations around the house. These DIY holiday jars are sure to get you in the holiday spirit. The candy will give you the sugar rush you need in order to sing Christmas carols all night long.  


8. Giant Holly Decoration

These balloon decorations will have everyone in the holiday spirit and are sure to transform your house into the festive, winter, wonderland that you had envisioned. It is an inexpensive way to get everyone ready for the holidays. No DIY holiday project has ever been easier to bring to life. Even the kids will have fun helping you put this project together. Have them help you blow up balloons or, if they’re old enough, have them cut out the holly leaves. Then you could all pick the best place to place your new creations.

Are you ready for the holidays? What are your favorite DIY holiday decoration ideas? Comment below!