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DIY: High Waisted Shorts from Men’s Dress Pants

High-waisted shorts are a great item to have in your closet. Wear them with a crop top to have the perfect festival look, or you can dress them up with nice shirt and a blazer. Their versatility makes them a summer essential. Here’s an easy DIY to make a cheap pair of high-waisted short from mens dress pants. Perfect because they’re already high-waisted and you don’t have to cut up a pair of your own pants or jeans.

All you need is a pair of mens dress pants that will fit you, scissors, pins, and needle and thread. Take a pair from your brother if you have one, or find a pair in a thrift shop.

1. Cut the pants to about 1 and a half inches longer than you want the actual shorts to be. The cutting doesn’t have to be perfect, but you can use another pair of your shorts if you need help or want guidance.

2. Fold the hem line over 2 times. Pin the fold in the middle and on each side. At this point you’ll want to try them on to make sure they are the right length for what you had envisioned.

3. Sew the outside and the inside hem so that the fold is secured to the shorts. If you have experience and know what you’re doing you can go ahead and use a sewing machine, or it could be done by hand. Just sew the middle and the far ends of the folds. You can also use fabric tape or glue to secure the fold.

4. You should be finished now, or you can add more decorations such as studs or anything else you might want on your shorts. If there’s nothing you want to change, then you now have your own pair of high waisted shorts.

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