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DIY Hat from Knit Sweater

DIY Hat from Knit Sweater

It’s already almost October, which means that cold weather is coming. In recent years, it has even snowed before November comes, so having a good hat to protect your head from the cold is important to have already. Using an old knit sweater is  a perfect way to recycle that item and save yourself money. And it’s really not very hard to make.

diy h1

First, find the old sweater that you’ll want to use. Use the hemline of the sweater as the hemline for your hat as well.


diy h2

If you have another one that you like, use it as a basis for how big you want to make it. Always err on the larger side, you can make it smaller.

diy h3


Now, sew together the fabric, before you cut it out. This way,  you know that it aligns properly and you won’t have to deal with making sure everything is even. Make sure it’s inside-out.

diy h4

Now it’s time to try it on. If it’s too big, just sew it together a little smaller, until it fits the way you’d like it.

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And that’s all there is to it! You have a cute new hat for free!



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