DIY Glitter Hair Spray You Should Try For Pride

Pride parades are the perfect celebration where you get let you imagine go wild and truly express your individuality. A person’s best asset is their hair because it expresses personality. DIY glitter hair spray is the perfect opportunity to do something that is hands on.

DIY projects are perfect for getting experience with arts and crafts. Not only do you get to do things that are hands on but you also get to test out your ideas. DIY can be a cheaper alternative that can be useful in the long run.

DIY are a creative alternative for using hair products but it can be overwhelming and difficult for people that are not used to doing arts and crafts. It is an easier task to complete an DIY project if you have some instructions or tips as to what to buy or know where to begin. When working with hair it is not as necessary to be perfect because after all it is only temporary. Anything like hair spray, glitter, hair accessories, or hair dye can be a bit sloppy because you can always wash it out afterwards.

When preparing to go to an event like the Pride Parade you always feel the need to look the brightest. To more color is never a problem and you really get excited at just the thought of having the freedom to look how ever you want. When going to the store you do not want to end up over spending which is the easiest mistake to do when you do not know what to buy.

As a cheaper and more convenient alternative you can make DIY glitter hair spray. Here are some DIY glitter hair spray ideas for you help you look your best for pride.

1. Simple Hair Spray Glitter Spray

When making DIY crafts you have to be initiative and it really does not matter what steps you take to making your products as long as you get a finished result. It really is fun once you start getting working results you feel proud of what you created.

Here is a very simple DIY hair spray that will get you effective results. Not only will you get effective results but it is at a low cost. You only need glitter and hair spray. The hair spray that I recommend getting is TRESemmé and the glitter color of your choosing. In an empty hair spray container with a lid that is meant to spray liquid inside you first pour in the glitter with the color of your choosing. Do not fill it in with too much glitter just enough to cover the bottom with a decent amount but definitely a little less than a quarter. Then you fill in the container with three fourth of hair spray. Afterwards you put the lid on the container and shake up everything inside.

Finally you have a working product that sprays glitter. You want to hold the container closer to your hair if you finer results. Then if the glitter does not stay on your hair you can spray hair spray over the finished product to as to make use the glitter says on.

2. Color powder and hair spray

Another option will be to add color powder into your glitter hair spray. This is so that you have color in your hair spray. Any other colors like yellow, green, or blue. For example when you are preparing your glitter hair spray just when you are pouring in the glitter you put in the color powder. This will be just the same amount of glitter which is a little less that three fourths of the container. And once you have in the color powder and glitter you pour in the spray liquid. With everything inside the container you shake everything up so that the ingredients are blended properly.

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If you do decide on going for this option you then can do any other color. You can totally go for all the colors of the rainbow. This look is best with the braided pigtail which is an easier way of displaying the rainbow colors.

3. Doing it separately

Another option for a creative and smart way of getting the glitter look will be by simply using the hair spray separately. What you can do is use the hair spray separately and then using the glitter with hair spray. If you manage to do the hair dye then just spray the hair spray with glitter last.

Glitter hair spray is a great DIY craft because it is so practical and easy to make. Let us know which DIY option works best for you!

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Esmeralda Medina

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