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15 DIY Gifts That Will Surprise Your Loved One

15 DIY Gifts That Will Surprise Your Loved One

Giving a gift is not always about buying the most expensive stuff in the market. Sometimes the better gifts are those that are made with the heart. And specially if we are having a low budget situation these ideas can save us during our anniversaries with our loved ones, birthdays of our besties or family members! DIY gifts are all about being creative and giving them our personalized vibe.

1. Punch Box

Punch boxes are a great DIY gift when you want to go outside the box and give something different. It consists of a box with as much mini gifts as you want and when the person receives it, it’s got to punch one of the holes to reveal a gift. It’s a super fun way of receiving a gift!

2. Customized Pillow

If you want something for your loved one to remember you before it goes to sleep, this customized pillow is a must gift! You can use a phrase that works as an inside joke for you too or get one from his or her favorite book. It’s also a cute way of including an important date for you two, like your first date. Or even include a picture of you two together!


3. Little Terrariums

If your loved one is a fan of gardens but doesn’t have enough space up on its dorm or place a little terrarium is a great DIY gift. A terrarium is like having a small garden that doesn’t need to be watered that often, you can even add some details to make it more personalized like little toy dinosaurs or even characters from its favorite movie or series!

4. Your Own Mug

Yes, you can buy a mug anywhere, but what about one you do by yourself inspired by your loved one? These mugs are really easy to make, you can get one in your favorite color and a sharpie to draw on it or write your favorite phrase, then bake them for about 30 minutes, and you have it! A mug done by yourself that will be super valuable to the person you give it too!

5. Collage Photo Frames

A picture is not enough to express how much you loved someone! That’s why a great idea is to create a big collage with all your favorite pictures of your moments together and frame it. You can add a poem you write for your loved one or a phrase that identifies you. The pictures can be cut and place on top of each other or thrown around in polaroid style. The choice is all yours!


6. WhatsApp Conversation Album

Sometimes you and your loved one exchange tons of sweet messages in your daily WhatsApp conversations, why not save them all? Create your own album with your favorite messages that you have exchange with each other by printing them and complement it with pictures of the two. It’s a great way of looking back in time and remembered messages you exchanged when you began dating!

7. Love Coupons

Sometimes a good gift is one you can save and use a few times later. This love coupons give you the opportunity to gift someone several gifts and different times to exchange them. For example, you can add a visit to the movies on your tickets, a breakfast in bed or a massage night. be sure to add whatever makes your loved one happy and that will make you two spend quality time together. These coupons are available around the internet or you can just make them yourself!

8. Candy Mason Jars

If your loved one is a fan of candy this DIY gift is perfect! Get a few mason jars that can come in clear glass or in his or her favorite color and filled them up with its favorite candies. You can add gummies, chocolate kisses, M&M’s or whatever candy he or she fancies. This is a great gift for when you celebrate your months together or if your other half is going on a trip and you want something to give them when they return. You can even personalize your mason jar with pictures of the two together or sweet pick-up lines.


9. Color Boxes

A DIY gift based in color codes is always a clever idea that you can do to gift something different to that person you adore. You can choose blue if that’s your loved one favorite color and put different items in the box that have that color, like candies, earrings, bracelets, drinks, food, flowers or whatever you think they might appreciate. Be sure the box has also the color of your choosing and don’t forget to add a catchy phrase about the color and your love!

10. Exploding Boxes

If you are really good and creative with crafts this might be the DIY gift you should be making. Exploding boxes consist of what at first view seems like a normal box in the size you decide, but when you open it explodes with memories, phrases or pictures of the times you have spent with your loved one. You can easily download a template from the internet or watch a few tutorials on how to make this surprising gift.

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11. Open When Letters

The open when letters are a great DIY gift if you are really good with writing. Sometimes we want to be and live every moment with our loved one, but we know that we are not always able to. That’s why this open when letters are great way of reminding the person you love that even though you can’t physically be there, they are always in your thoughts. You can make a few open when letters for different times like when they are angry, really excited or just want to laugh. Be as creative as you can!

12. Message Jars

An awesome gift is one that can stay with you a bit longer, so why not gift your loved one with something that can last them the whole year? With this message jar you can do that! And the message jar doesn’t only have to be love declarations, you can add small jokes, dares, activities for the day or things about yourself you want that person to know. It’s definitely a great gift to have that person always thinking about you!

13. Food In a Jar

If you know your loved one is a fan of certain food, like cookies, cakes or some recipe you can fit in a jar, look no further. This DIY gift consist of gathering all the ingredients you make for a recipe, measuring them and fitting them all in the same jar. Is preferable to avoid recipes that have liquid ingredients and if they do you can add a side note with the instructions and quantities to add them later. This is not only a tasty gift but also a dare and a way of spending some funny time in the kitchen with that special person.


14. Unique Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are such a treat to add to your bath when you have had a long day! Why not making some for your loved one with its favorite odors? Add your favorite essential oils, scents and colors to make this bath bombs unique and who knows you might end up enjoying your time with your loved one in a relaxing bath!

15. Macrame Key Chains

Having a little something you can carry around every day to be reminded of your loved one is a great gift to give! A macramé keychain is an easy and unique gift to make for that special person in your life, you can add its favorite colors or little details like jewels or figurines of its favorite things. Remember the key is to make it something really special!

Ready to get crafty with these DIY gifts? Your loved ones are going to be impressed!

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