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DIY Gifts For Your Significant Other

DIY Gifts For Your Significant Other

My favorite type of gift to give my significant other or receive is DIY homemade gifts. This makes it feel much more personal and meaningful when you are making a gift that fits your partner, where you can include those specific details on why you love them, how you care for them, and those inside jokes only you two know. 

This article will include DIY gifts that will be perfect for any occasion, whether Anniversary, Valentine’s, or a Birthday. 

To start, I’m going to put a DIY gift that I actually tried myself for an anniversary gift: 


1. Love Messages in a Jar 

These are adorable personalized love pills where you write small notes in these pill capsules. You can write anything on these notes; it’s completely up to you. When I did this for my boyfriend, I wrote about different reasons I loved him. You could write about your future together, moments you like to remember, or anything that brings a smile to your face when thinking of them. Some people may choose to look at one message a day or anything they feel under the weather. My boyfriend read through all of them once, so there’s no wrong way to enjoy this gift. 

Here are some examples of what you could write: 
‘I love how you sing every morning…’ 

‘I love how you always cook the best foods…’ 


‘I love how you light up when you talk about your interests…’ 

2. Date Jar 

In this date jar, you can use an empty mason jar and some popsicle sticks to create this gift, and you can use it to bond as a couple. On the popsicle sticks, write different date ideas that you think you would enjoy together, and pick one whenever you have a date night or feel like going out. 


I have a similar thing, except its different movies and shows. I have around sixty popsicle sticks categorized into different colors: movies, animated movies, anime, and TV shows. Sometimes it doesn’t work when binge-watching a show, so we won’t go to our jar of movies for ideas, but it is a good way to watch a new movie.

For both of these jars, date and movie ideas, try to create a list of ideas you would enjoy. Keep it from leaning too much toward your idea of fun.


3. Memory Box 

For this DIY gift, it’s almost like creating a shadow box of all your different memories. The main thing I see with this gift is by taking a glass box and stuffing your movie tickets, travel tickets, and memorable receipts as a way of treasuring these dates and moments. 

On the glass, you can write a simple message. You can write Memories, Tickets, or cute phrases like, “Oh, the places we’ve been!”


4. Photo with message around it

This is a simple but romantic, meaningful gift idea for your partner. For this, you’ll need a photo printed of you two, glue it to a white page, and write a message around it. This message can include anything you want and be about anything you want. You can write everything you love about this person, a love letter, or even a shared memory. You’ll finish this off with a frame of your choice. 

5. A Book with your memories 

There are so many different ways you can do this DIY Gift idea. The main thing you’ll need is a notebook, whether it’s a journal or sketchbook. In this gift, you can write about anything. In the photo below, the book is about the first year of the relationship. You can do the same thing and create a book of memories representing that first year. Along with the photos, you can also write different things about that first year that you loved and that made you happy.


6. 52 Things I Love About You

This is a cute and creative way of creating a love book of memories. This is similar to the love jar mentioned earlier in the article, but instead, you take a card deck and turn it into a book. To create this sentimental book, you take your card and start punching halls in them so you can add rings. The rings will keep the cards together and create that book style.  For each card, you’ll write about all the different things you love about your partner, and you can be creative with this. Decorate the cards with pictures, drawings, or anything you want.


7. Kisses For When I’m Not Around

This is a cute, and quite literally sweet, gift idea for your partner and is great for long-distance relationships. This is easy; all you need is a jar and Hershey’s kisses. Once you have that jar filled with the kisses, you’ll add a little note or drawing that says, “kisses for when I’m not around.” Every time your partner misses you, they can take one of those kisses and think about you while eating it.

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8. Letters To Open

This can be a long one, but sentimental for your partner. You’ll write letters for your partner to open during different moments of life.  You can choose any topic you want, but here are a few examples: 

‘Open now…’ 

‘Open when you’re lonely…’ 


‘Open when you need to laugh…’ 

‘Open when you need a hug and kiss…’ 

As you can see, you can be creative with your letters. You can even decorate your envelopes and letters with pictures, drawings, or stickers. 


Next time you have an anniversary or valentine’s date, you can refer to this article if you want to create some DIY gifts for your significant partner. Creating a gift yourself, especially for someone as meaningful as a partner, helps that gift become personal and sentimental for them. You can go all out by buying gifts specific to your partner, like a bracelet with a Spotify song code, or you can create the gift yourself, like the love messages in a pill bottle. 

Are you going to try any of these gifts? Let us know in the comments below!