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10 DIY Gift Ideas For That Special Someone

10 DIY Gift Ideas For That Special Someone

10 DIY Gift Ideas For That Special Someone

Looking to make something totally unique and fun for your boyfriend or girlfriend? Here’s 10 DIY gift ideas for that special someone that can show just how much you care!

1. Movie Night Box

For the first of our DIY gift ideas, we have a movie night box! Making a this cute box for your partner really goes beyond the gift. All you will need is a cardboard box, their favorite movies, and some tasty movie time snacks. Put it all together with cute and flirty decorations, and you have a little date night packaged up in a thoughtful and handmade box!

2. Chunky Knit Blanket

All you need for the next of our DIY gift ideas is chunky yarn in your partner’s favorite color, and yourself!  Click here to watch a short video on how you can easily knit a cute blanket for your special someone. With this fuzzy blanket, they can always keep warm while thinking of you!


3. Coffee Mug

For this gift idea, all you need is a ceramic mug and some sharpies. Decorate the mug however you like with a sweet note to your special someone and bake it at 350°F  for 30 minutes. Now every morning when they sip their coffee they will be reminded of how much you care!

4. Paint Them A Picture

This is another one of our more artsy DIY gift ideas. If you’re feeling like an artist, paint your boyfriend or girlfriend a picture! This gift idea is very thoughtful and it will be a one of a kind gift from a one of a kind person. Your painting will be sure to warm your special someone’s heart every time they look at it!


5. Jar Full Of Notes

Find a cute mason jar around the house and fill it with colorful notes to your special someone. They could be coupons to turn in for something extra special and reasons why you think they are truly amazing. This fun gift idea is a jar full of happiness for the love of your life!

6. Potted Plant

The next one of our DIY gift ideas is for the gardeners among us! Gift your boyfriend or girlfriend with a handmade potted plant you can create just for them. If they like to read, you can follow these simple DIY instructions and wrap pages from their favorite book around the pot for a cute and rustic look. This gift is simple but very thoughtful and your special someone will love it!


7. DIY Picture Frame

Capture a moment between you and your special someone with a cute DIY picture frame. You can make this personal and decorate it with sweet notes or pictures of you two together. You can even get creative by using things around the house like old buttons and ribbons shown in the picture below. Every time they look at this picture frame made by you, it will bring a smile to their face!

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8. Photo Memory Mason Jar

This is one of our cutest DIY gift ideas that captures a memory inside a mason jar. All you will need is a jar, a photo memory of you and your special someone, sand, shells, and some twine and paper. This gift is unique and can show your special someone that you love them to the beach and back!


9. Hooked On You Candy Box

If your special someone loves sweets, you can make them this adorable candy tackle box. All you will need is an old tackle box and a handful of their favorite candies. You can decorate the lid with pictures of you two together and a sweet note to tell them how much you care!

10. Tasty Heart Cupcakes

The last of our DIY gift ideas will get you in the kitchen. If you love to bake, then here is the perfect cupcake recipe for you. Bake your special someone these delicious cupcakes with cute pink hearts inside of them. These tasty treats will be sure to make their day!


From painting to baking, these DIY gift ideas are perfect for your special someone. Which DIY gift will you make? Let us know in the comments below!

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