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DIY Gift Ideas Anyone Will Love

DIY Gift Ideas Anyone Will Love

Gift-giving can be difficult and expensive. It isn’t always easy coming up with gift ideas and it always seems like the people we care about the most are the most difficult to shop for. When you’re stuck in a pickle, try making a gift at home. Homemade gifts are a go-to. They can be personalized to each individual person.

I know going to the store, grabbing a card and shoving money/gift card in them is easy and fast but they don’t have the love that goes into these DIY’s. These types of gifts are sweet to receive and can show that someone put extra thought into it (or at least look like they did.)

These gifts are perfect for anyone and can be tailored to fit different personalities and interests. They can be given as birthday gifts, holiday gifts or even just a little way to show some appreciation for the people around you.


Sugar Scrub

Sugar scrub is an awesome gift to give and receive. They are good for those friends who love a good spa night! It’s doesn’t take much time or effort and requires little ingredients. Just mix 1 cup of granulated sugar or any sugar of your choice with 1/2 cup of coconut oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, etc. Stir in some essential oils and/or food coloring for a pretty visualisation. Put the mixture into a jar and boom! The perfect DIY gift idea.

Knit Blanket

This idea may take some extra time but is completely worth it in the end. For Christmas, my mom used a simple stitch and crocheted a blanket during her spare time. The blanket is so cozy and I am able to sleep with it every night and be reminded of my mom. These types of gifts take more effort but are totally worth it in the end. It showed me my moms appreciation and it will show your gift receiver the same. Learning to knit can be also therapeutic. Check out some YouTube videos on how to learn.

Body Butter

Body butters are easy DIY gift ideas because they can be made in large batches. They also can be fun because there are a ton of different ways to make them. Test out a couple of recipes to find which one works for you and I’m sure your BFF will love it too. Make it customizable by adding in essential oils like lemon, orange, peppermint or even lavender. A mixture of the two would be divine. For detailed instructions on how to make it, check out this recipe.

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Decorated Frame

This one could be lame to some but getting a picture of your best friend and you in a frame that has been decorated is a DIY gift idea that they will remember forever. Pick up a wooden or white frame from Michaels and let your imagination run wild. This is also a gift that can be thrown together last minute. To get some ideas, check out HGTV.

Marble Mugs

Everybody loves mugs. It’s one of those things that we all keep buying even though there are 10 perfectly usable ones at home but hey! They’re pretty. But what’s even prettier than the ones Target sells is a homemade marble one. They aren’t as hard as you would think. YouTube is a great resource for DIY gift ideas. Pick the persons favorite color and get to dipping.



These DIY gift ideas are the perfect touch to birthday parties, holidays, etc. They can have a personalized touch to them which makes them even more special. Test out these DIY’s and tell us in the comments your favorite one!

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