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5 DIY Fourth Of July Shirts You Need

5 DIY Fourth Of July Shirts You Need

5 DIY Fourth Of July Shirts You Need

The Fourth of July is approaching fast, and you are in search of that perfect patriotic shirt! Well, look no further than your own two hands and little creativity, because you are going to DIY your look this Fourth of July. Here are a few DIY Fourth of July shirt ideas to check out this season!

1. Classic Tie Dye T-Shirt

The signature way to do a Fourth of July Shirt is simply to tie-dye it. There are so many different directions you could take your design. You could make dye three-fourths of the shirt red and the other fourth blue to make a flag like a pattern. Or you could go for the firecracker look and dye the top red and the bottom blue, leaving the middle portion of the shirt. Whatever look you decide to go with, you can never go with tie dye on the Fourth of July. It’s a staple look for sure!

Materials: white shirt, red and blue tie-dye, rubber bands.

5 DIY Fourth Of July Shirts You Need

2. Beaded Finge

This is a look that is simple in nature but certainly shows that you put some definite thought into your Fourth of July look. What you’re going to want to do is take a shirt that’s either red, white, blue or already patriotic themed, and cut the fabric at the bottom. Then you’re going to want to stick red, white and blue beads onto these fringed pieces of fabric. The pieces of fabric should be thin enough to fit through the holes of the beads, but not so thin that the beads fall off. When you’re finished you will have a totally cute and funky Fourth top!

Materials: scissors, shirt (red, white, blue, patriotic theme), beads (red, white and blue)

5 DIY Fourth Of July Shirts You Need

3. Spirited Spray Paint

What’s a Fourth of July shirt without a little spray paint fun! For this shirt, its fairly simple to formulate the design you want. For a flag, you’re going to want to put strips of tape on the parts of the shirt you want to be the stripes. The other spots you leave open will be spray painted red. Then for the stairs portion, you’re going to want to put as many stars will fit in the left corner of the shirt. You’re then going to want to cover the parts you already spray painted in the stripes portion and use the blue spray paint to finish off your shirt. Let this dry and voila you have the flag shirt of your dreams!

Materials: plain white tank, electrical tape, tarp, red and blue spray paint, star stickers

5 DIY Fourth Of July Shirts You Need

4. Firework Frenzy

This can be done in many ways, it all depends on the preference of firework and what objects you may have available to you. The first idea is to take a puffer squeeze ball and dip half of it into the red and blue paint. Make sure that the ball is washed before switching from one color to the next. Your outcome will be ball-like fireworks.

If you’re looking for a little more structure in your firework, you are going to want to use something like pipe cleaners or straws. Tape the items together, dip the ends into pain and then press down onto your shirt. Unlike the last idea, you’re going to want to keep repeating the process until you get the firework pattern to your liking!

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Materials: white shirt, red and blue paint, puffer squeeze ball or pipe cleaners/straws

5 DIY Fourth Of July Shirts You Need

5. Splattered With Red White And Blue

And when all else fails when it comes to your Fourth of July shirt decorating, you can always grab a plain white t and literally splatter pain on it. What you’re going to do in an outdoor space is place a plain white shirt on a tarp, dip separate brushes into red and blue paint, and shake each brush toward the shirt. Make sure again to try and not mix the red and blue or else your splatter will come out more purple than red or blue.

Materials: white shirt, red and blue paint, paint brush, tarp

5 DIY Fourth Of July Shirts You Need

Why waste time and money going out and buying yourself a Fourth of July shirt when you can make one of your own creation! It’s a totally fun activity to do with your friends and family. Also, chances are you’ll probably end up creating a cuter shirt than the one you would have paid for!

Have some DIY Fourth of July shirt ideas of your own? Share with us in the comments section!

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