How To Make A DIY Floral Shorts Pocket

Shorts are an essential part of a summer wardrobe, so why not spice up a pair with floral print pockets? All you need to a make DIY floral shorts pocket is a pair of shorts, scissors, measuring tape or a ruler (whatever you have lying around the house), paper and a pen, and a needle and thread.

DIY floral shorts

There’s everything you need! The first step is to measure the dimensions of the pocket with your measuring tape, and cut out the shape of the pocket onto the piece of paper.

DIY floral shorts

Now using this paper cut out, trace the shape onto your floral fabric and cut that out as well. It should fit onto the pocket just as the piece of paper does.


Then the next step is to sew the pocket piece on! You can hand sew or use a sewing machine. Be patient, the result is well worth the effort.

DIY floral shorts

Just repeat the process for the other pocket, and you have shorts with floral print pockets! This same process can be used for other parts of the shorts as well.

DIY floral shorts DIY floral shorts

So just pick what shorts you want to change, choose a floral print, and you have fun, flirty DIY floral shorts to wear all summer! And don’t forget to follow our blog on!

Did you make your own DIY floral shorts pocket? Tell us how it went in the comments below!
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