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15 Last Minute DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is coming up fast and probably most of us still haven’t done anything in preparation of celebrating our good ole’ dads. Whoops. No worries, if you act fast there’s still some time to come out in the clear as a semi-good child, grateful for all your father has done or maybe not done. Dad’s can be difficult to buy for. They already have most things they need or want, but these ideas can at least get the brainstorming started for possible options. Bonus: they’re DIY, which means they involve a lot of hand-made love and not so much money. Perfect for broke college kids with sappy parents. Here’s the list of DIY Father’s Day gift ideas you will love.

Lottery Card Basket

This option involves more buying than making, but it’s the card and the set-up that really bring the whole present together as a thoughtful labor of love your dad will super appreciate. Spend $15-20 on cheap lottery tickets your dad can enjoy scratching off as a fun, interactive gift, that may turn out to be even better than expected if you buy the right card! It’s a nice present with a great sentiment he can take his time enjoying beyond just unwrapping his gifts.

Grill Rubs

If you have a dad who is super into grilling as all the classic dads are, definitely try out this simple cooking DIY for Father’s Day. Using these recipes, you can supply your dad with tons of delicious seasoning he can actually use all through the grilling months. Put it in a cute container, and he’s sure to be super touched. This is one of the DIY Father’s Day gift ideas that is perfect for the grill master.

Homemade Frame

This is the classic Father’s Day present every dad has to love. It’s a photo of you both together, sharing some great memory, so how could he not? You can up the ante of this special gift and show you put in a little more work than just printing a photo by decorating your own frame. There’s lots of different ways to do this, and you can find several ideas available on Pinterest. You can go the simple route and just take a paint brush or some paint pens to the wood, or you can get even fancier and do something like this handmade rustic wood frame.

Travel Map

This gift is not only simple and stylish, but it will also be very special for your old man as it commemorates trips and memories you’ve shared over the years. The piece itself takes some work to complete, but you could make your own variations to the project, going as complicated or simple as you want, as long as you come out with a cute map in the end, that you and your dad can mark on, showing the places you’ve visited or want to visit someday. It honors the past and gets you both excited for the future.

Customized Hammer

This gift is super simple, as in you could probably get it done within an hour. All you need is a hammer and some kind of sharpie or paint pen that will write on a normal hammer handle material, without eventually rubbing off. Pick a cute quote, silly pun, or meaningful phrase to write on the hammer and make your dad’s simple housework much more meaningful.

Grill Tool Display

Another option for the dad who loves to grill is a cool display and hanging area for his grill tools like this one. While it looks super fancy and well-done, this gift doesn’t actually take an excruciating amount of work to complete. Meanwhile, your dad will be super impressed with your work. Bonus: he’ll actually be able to use it when grilling out on a pretty day. And you can make it an even better present by buying him a new set of tools to go with. This is one of the DIY Father’s Day gift ideas that is great for the summer patio.

Leather Keychain

Here’s something sleek and stylish your dad can both use and appreciate you taking the time to make. It’s super simple to assemble and you can follow all the steps here. There’s no way your dad doesn’t have keys, but likely he doesn’t have something unifying them all together to help him quickly grab or identify his pair. This understated leather keychain is perfect.

Happy Jar

Maybe this gift idea is too juvenile or sappy for some, but I think it’s really sweet. Take your time to decorate a mason jar or any container of your choosing with your dad in mind. Make it cute, make it rustic, whatever, just make it customized and with effort from you (that’s all they really want, right?) After you’ve got it made, fill the jar with happy quotes, memories, touching notes, or even pictures from you to your dad. The idea of the jar is that he can unwrap one of these whenever he’s feeling down or missing you, and he’ll have some piece of you there to cheer him up. You can also modify this idea to be a jar filled with ideas of fun things for you guys to do together whenever that he can pick out and “cash in.”

Beer Flight Stand

Check out this DIY present for the dad who is super into all his fancy craft beers. Unless you’re very savvy, you might need some help making it because this particular project involves a lot of wood working. Maybe the gift can be suggesting you make the stand together. That’s quality time and a cool product he can use. This is one of the DIY Father’s Day gift ideas that is just right for the beer lover.

Jack & Coke Set

Coming off that last DIY suggestion, this gift couldn’t be simpler, although it does air on the buying side more than the making side. Again, the draw of this present is all in the composition. If your dad is a man who appreciates a good Jack & Coke, buy him a classic set of glass Coke bottles and tie mini bottles of Jack Daniels to each one. Now he’s got six individual Jack & Coke servings ready for instant assembly.

Painted Canvas

Quotes always get parents’ feelings going, especially if it’s something that means a lot to you both. Buy a cheap canvas and some paints from your local craft store and you can easily get decorating to create a display your dad will love. He’ll be extra touched by the time you took to make him something special that he can display somewhere in the house or his workplace.

See Also

Homemade Shaving Cream

This is a cool DIY gift to look into if you dad is less interested in material things he’ll just have to find somewhere to put. Instead make him a shaving cream he can use and appreciate in his everyday routine until it runs out. This recipe is super doable, and you’ll come out with something wonderfully fragrant and useful. Put it in a cute container for an extra special touch. If you are into homemade and natural products, this is one of the DIY Father’s Day gift ideas that you will love.

Explosion Box Love Note

Another super sappy idea I’m probably way too touched by. What looks like a simple handmade box easily unfolds into panels containing heartfelt notes, pictures, and memories your dad can enjoy flipping through and save as a sentimental keepsake forever. Follow this website for how to make the box and where to find templates you can then customize for Father’s Day.

Painted Grill Plate

One last grill idea before we go! And honestly this idea can applied to whatever dishes your dad likes to use. The project works super well on mugs too, if you want to give it a go, but your dad isn’t much of a grill guy. Buy a simple porcelain plate and some paint pens to help you decorate it however you desire. Every time he goes to use it he’ll be touched by your sentimental message and handiwork. This is another one of the DIY Father’s Day gift ideas that he will actually use.

A Painted Card

In the end, there’s nothing wrong with just getting him a card. It shows him you thought about the day in advance and you took the time to make a gesture and show him you care. For an extra level of thoughtfulness, paint or craft your dad a homemade card to really let him know how much he means to you. This tutorial runs you through how to use watercolors to paint a meaningful piece he’ll love. Really all he wants in the end is some effort to show that you care and appreciate all he’s done for you over the years. Take a few hours out of your day sometime this week to craft your dad an easy, but special gift that will really show him what he means to you. That’ll certainly make for a happy Father’s Day.

Which of these DIY Father’s Day gift ideas do you love? Let us know in the comments below.

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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