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15 DIY Father’s Day Cards To Make This Year

15 DIY Father’s Day Cards To Make This Year

DIY Father’s Day Cards are a great way to let your father know that you care and love him. Plus it’s a good way to show off your creative skills.

1. Internet Templates

The internet is very handy in creating cards. You can choose the font, color, and images. It gets the message across and you can do this all within 10 minutes. You can share your appreciation with just a few clicks.

DIY Father Day Card

2. Bear Craft Cards

These cards are super simple to create and don’t take too long. You will need multi-colored construction paper, large pom-pom, largely googly eyes, black sharpie, and glue. Trace out the bears’ paws, head, and mouth and then cut them out. Then trace the pieces on the colorful paper. Begin with the nose. Fold the bears head of the paper in half and attach the ears to the top. Then glue on the mouth and with the sharpie draw the mouth. Glue the eyes above the mouth and pom poms for the nose. Open up the bear and write your heartfelt message. Then give to your dad and watch his eyes light up.

DIY Father Day Card

3. Footprint Rocket

Best way to say, “I love you to the moon and back.” You will need a large cardstock, red cardstock, small red pom-poms, light blue paint, gold glitter stars, black sharpie and the best of them all; glue. Paint your foot and step into the middle of the white cardstock. Then cut 3 triangles are the rockets wings and top. Glue the stars around the rocket. Lastly, glue on about 3 pom poms on the print of your foot and you are done.

DIY Father Day Card

4. Classic Heart

This is DIY Father’s Day card for your dad if you are short on time and funds. Cut out a red heart from a piece of construction paper and write your special message. then give it to your dad with some of his favorite candy. Simple.

DIY Father Day Card

5. Punny Fathers Day Card

If your dad loves jokes this card will be one will be a DIY Father’s Day Card he would love. On a piece of construction paper, you can write, “Dad, thanks for always being fungi.” Underneath this message, you can draw a mushroom. Funny? You get it? It’s a little cheesy but still cute.

DIY Father Day Card

6. Simile

“I love you like…” My favorite quote is “I love you like a kid loves cake.” I would write this on the front of a card and then draw a picture of a cake.

DIY Father Day Card

7. Fill In The Blank

Write sentences about your dad but have him fill in the blanks. This will be fun and possibly an eye-opener for both of you.

DIY Father Day Card

8. Wordy Fathers Day Card

You can write all the words you like to describe your dad and the header of the card would read, “Happy Father’s Day to the…”

DIY Father Day Card

9. Watercolors

Grab some paint and just by writing Happy Fathers Day will look really cool. This will show off your creative skills by how you mix the colors together.

DIY Father Day Card

10. Tractor Footprint Card

This is similar to rocketship. If your dad is the outdoors type then this would be a great card to make for him. To make this card you will need green paint,  yellow paint, black paint, a white cardstock, and a black sharpie. Place your footprint in the middle of the paper and then draw 2 yellow circles. These circles will be the wheels and one would be at the ball of your foot and the other would be and the bottom of your foot. Outline each circle with the black paint. Create the tractors’ pipes on the outer part of your foot. Draw on the top of the tractor in black with the hood being yellow. Add a clever message to this card with the black sharpie and you are done.

DIY Father Day Card

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11. Golf Ball

Does your dad golf? If so this will be a card he may laminate! This is super kid-friendly and easy to do. To create this amazing DIY Father’s Day Card you will need white paint and a pencil, glue, green construction paper, and a black sharpie. Write your message on the top of your card first. Then with the pencil flip, it upside down and make a circle. This circle should be about the size of a tennis ball. Then glue on a tee under the ball you created. Then that’s it.

DIY Father Day Card

12. Fish Handprint

This card may take time and patience to create, but for your dad, you should try it. Trace your hand on orange construction paper and then cut it out. Then cut out an outline of a smaller hand on a sheet of red construction. On a blue construction paper paste the two hands. Add a face to each hand and a clever message and you have a cute DIY Father’s Day Card. You can extra things to your card like water and stripes on your fish, let your imagination run wild.

DIY Father Day Card

13. Super Dad

DIY Father’s Day Cards always praise dads. Give your dad a ribbon for being the best dad. On a piece of construction in multi colors in all write “Super Dad” below it place a headshot picture of yourself. Around your picture get a yellow cupcake liner and cut out the bottom and glue it. Then get 2 pieces of red ribbon and glue that on the bottom of your picture. Then you are done. This personalized card will show your dad how much you mean to him.


14. Bow Tie

This is one of the easiest DIY Father’s Day Cards to make and one of my favorites. Get a piece of construction paper and fold it in half. Glue a bowtie on the construction paper and underneath write “Happy Fathers Day.”

DIY Father Day Card

15. Keep it Simple

DIY Father’s Day Cards can be simple. On a piece of construction paper write “Happy Fathers Day” in multicolors. You can even freehand a few hearts. DIY Father’s Day Cards don’t have to be extravagant.

DIY fathers day card

Fathers Day will be here before we know it. These DIY Father’s Day Cards will make your father feel loved.

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