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DIY Embroider iPhone Case (Free People)

Over at Free People, they have a cool kit that you can use to embroider your own iPhone case! It comes with a rubber case, black or white, 5 thread colors, and the needle. The rubber case has tons of little holes, which is where you thread the needle through to make your design. And, if you shop with Studentrate, you can get 4% cash back on this kit!

To help you figure out exactly what design you want on your case, it helps to look up some images on the internet and find something pictures you really like and try and copy them. From the Free People blog, they decided to make some zigzags to start.

Also, if you want to add in some of our own thread that you have laying around the house (I know I have a ton because I used to be obsessed with making string bracelets), then do it! You can add more color to the design.

To start, you have to thread the needle with the color that you like. Then, loop the needle in one hole, out through another, and double knot it (on the inside so it doesn’t show), so that it stays in place. Then, for the zigzags, you make vertical parallel lines, at the different heights you want, skipping holes, so that each vertical line spans three holes.


You can continue to do this same pattern, or, as you can see, you can mix it up. Make crazy shapes that don’t fit in or experiment a little with different designs, it’s very easy to go back and fix your mistakes.

You can even embroider objects onto your case, like the people at Free People did with the feather! Use a feather of your own, or flower or whatever you would like.

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One of the best things about this kit is that if you realize you don’t like the design you made, or if you get bored with it, you can just take the thread out and do another one! You can always have a case that you like, instead of buying one and realizing a week later that you already want another one.

Did you try this? How did it come out?

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