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DIY Draped Skirt

DIY Draped Skirt

Here’s a super cute skirt idea that can easily be made just from a jersey scarf you have in your closet. If you don’t have one, just a piece of jersey fabric will do the trick for this DIY draped skirt!

First you want to pull the skirt as tight as you can around your body.

Once it reaches all the way around put a hairpin or safety pin to make sure that the skirt stays tight so it won’t fall down or come undone while you’re wearing it.

Fold the other half of the skirt over, twisting it as you do.


Wrap the remaining fabric around your body and tuck it up into the top of the skirt.

Whenever the fabric runs out, though make sure that you don’t wrap the skirt in the front so that it covers the twist you just made.

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Finish it with a pin again to really make sure that there are no fashion mishaps while you wear this skirt.

And there you have it, your DIY draped skirt!