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10 DIY Dorm Decor Projects To Work On

10 DIY Dorm Decor Projects To Work On

10 DIY Dorm Decor Projects To Work On

Let’s face it, dorm rooms are bland, boring, and expensive to decorate. That kind of drab atmosphere is just not conducive to the quality learning you want to get done. Check out these 10 DIY Dorm Decor projects to spice up your room and get you ready to study!

1. DIY Wall Heart Photo Collage

This is simple, quick DIY dorm decor  just requires some tape and pictures! Get ahead of that homesickness with pictures of your friends and family, or inspire yourself with pictures of the places you’ll go one day. It doesn’t even have to be a heart- the beauty of this DIY is that you can really customize it to your taste! Make the collage a star, a wave, or just a circle. The possibilities are endless!

10 DIY Dorm Decor Projects To Work On

2. DIY Pine Cone Decor

Love the outdoors? Keep yourself from pining away by bringing it in! Another cheap and classy project, all you need is some glass vases and the bit of nature of your choice. Spruce up your room with mementos from your hikes or camping trips to keep the memories close. If you can’t find a glass vase that’s fine, just use whatever clear container that you can find! Then just put it on your desk, on a shelf, or give them as gifts to others in your dorm. Now you’ve got an ice breaker as well as decor!

3. DIY Floral Mirror

Give your mirror a glow up by adorning it with some fake flowers! Not only will it look good, but you’ll feel good as you check out your outfit before heading to class surrounded by florals. There’s nothing like being showered with flowers to have you feeling like a queen. All that’s standing between you and all of this confidence is some hot glue, so don’t sleep on this magic mirror.

10 DIY Dorm Decor Projects To Work On

4. DIY Location Boards

Can’t keep track of your roommate? Some cute location boards are just the ticket! One quick glance and you’ll know whether to shoot that text without potentially disrupting their class. Paint/decorate the base of the board with whatever decorations you want then just add a list of places you both most frequent. Use a clothes pin, binder clip, whatever you have handy that you can customize and de/attach whenever you need to.

5. DIY Mason Jar Holders

It doesn’t have to be just your preferred writing instrument. This cute DIY dorm decor just asks you to paint a jar in your favorite color and boom: instant, chic decor. If you want it all in one color great, or add designs if you’re feeling inspired! It doesn’t have to be paint either, some cute wrapping paper would do the job just as nicely and would probably end up less messy. Or do both! You can honestly never have enough pencil holders, especially if you are a lover (hoarder) of writing implements. They’re pretty good for storing your makeup brushes too!

6. DIY Light Up Ivy Wall

This is going to give your dorm instant fairy garden vibes. Just string up some fake ivy and fairy lights, and before you know it you’ll think you stumbled into a dream. College is supposed to be filled with ivy covered walls anyway right? There’s nothing that says you can’t DIY them into your dorm too. The soft lights also make for the perfect late night study lamp that won’t keep your roommate up with you!  You’re also less likely to stumble over something on your way back in from a late night study session in the library if you leave these bad boys on, which again means your roommate won’t be annoyed at being woken up.Sleep is important friends.

10 DIY Dorm Decor Projects To Work On

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7. DIY Paper Flower Chandelier

What better compliment to your ivy wall than a floral chandelier. Get your roommate to help you fold the flowers as a bonding activity, and soon enough you’ll have a new friend AND cute decor. Make all the flowers one color or make a rainbow, the composition of your garden is all you. Aside from the paper for the flowers you’ll also need some string to attach them to and a round wire to hang them from. Then it’s just about deciding where in your dorm to hang it from!

8. DIY Budget Jars

Being in college practically means you’re perpetually broke – but at least you can make it fashion. Get yourself some jars, some glue, some signs, and some boards so you can see exactly where your money is going. It might just be pennies sometimes, but at least it’ll be cute AF decor. Let your decor inspire you to save for bigger things like a dream vacation over the summer, or even just the ability to get a refreshing and revitalizing iced coffee before class for a week. Everyone’s dreams are different, there’s no judgement here.

9. DIY Pineapple Lamp

There seems to be a renaissance going on around pineapples, so why not join in? With some paper, paint, glue, and plastic spoons you’ll be able to light up your dorm like a tropical hideaway! Bask in the escapism of it all when you feel finals week at your heels. You may not be on a beach, but you can turn your dorm into paradise with decor like this. Or if you don’t like pineapples try doing it other fruit! A strawberry lamp shade would be just as cute!

10. DIY Painted Hangers

It’s all about the little things. Shine a little light in that dorm room closet and give a little pizzazz to the often overlooked clothes hanger. Every part of your dorm deserves pampering! This is another simple DIY that you can customize to your taste and ability! You can paint them all one color or add designs, it’s really all up to you and your imagination. Bust out those stencils that you weren’t sure why you were bringing with you, no hanger will be left behind!

10 DIY Dorm Decor Projects To Work OnHave any of these DIYs inspired you? What will you try? Let me know in the comments below!

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