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10 DIY Dorm Decor Ideas

10 DIY Dorm Decor Ideas

Why go out and spend hundreds of dollars on dorm decor when you can do it yourself? With a little time and effort, you can make any of this DIY dorm decor!

Every college girl wants a cute dorm room; but some Etsy items can go for over $100 and not everyone can afford that, nor would they want to spend that much money, especially when they could spend it on cute new clothes. Here is a list of 10 must have DIY dorm decor ideas that you need to make for your dorm room!

1. Floral Letter

This pop of color is not only cute but it’s also personalized and super easy to make. Just pop over to your local craft store and pick up the letter you wish to decorate, any colored flowers and hot glue them to your letter. All the girls on your floor will ask where you got it, and you can tell them you made it yourself.


2. Painted Home State

Super easy and fun to make! This is sure to brighten your room and remind you of where you came from. Add a heart in the city you grew up so you can always be reminded of home.

3. “Where Am I” Sign

This is helpful especially if you have roommates or friends, so they can know where to find you. It’s also very easy to change and a fun way to decorate!


4. Lighted Photo Display

A fun way to add light and decorations to your wall. Print out your summer memories and clothespin them to a string of lights. BAM! you have an easy and fun wall decor for your dorm.


 5. Decorated Full-Length Mirror

A fun and easy way to jazz up your boring full-length mirror. Just add flowers. Hot glue fake flowers in any way you choose to add cuteness to your dorm.


6. Succulents

In my opinion, this one is my favorite. I love how personalized it is and there is something about plants that make a room happier. Not to mention succulents are in style and always look great. Find a fun bowl or hanging planter for extra pizazz.


7. Washi Tape

A totally cute a personal way to decorate your room; not to mention easily removable! You can tape some around pictures on the wall or use it to create some cool geometric designs on your door!

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8.  Storage Box

Cluttered cords and tangled chargers are no fun. This DIY storage box is sure to dazzle and hide those messy wires and ugly extension cords. Hide all those cords in this cute box.


9. String State

I love this idea too, another way to show your love for home by creating a string art sign. Create a heart around your hometown and display it in your dorm room.

10. Quote Wall Painting

Last but not least, pick your favorite quote and paint it onto a canvas. This is a super fun way to decorate and you can get all your friends to paint with you too.

These are 10 10 DIY dorm decor ideas! Which one will you make for your dorm? Share in the comments!
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