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8 DIY Decorations To Make Your Room Chic

8 DIY Decorations To Make Your Room Chic

8 DIY Decorations To Make Your Room Chic

DIY decorations are fun, unique ways to decorate while being relatively inexpensive. These 8 DIY decorations are all pretty easy to create and will give your room a seriously chic makeover. Forget boring, expensive decorations; check out these cute DIYs for a bedroom you’ll love!

1. Memo Board & Key Rack

A combination memo board and key rack brings two of the most useful organization tools together to keep the most important things at your fingertips. This DIY is fairly simple and only requires a handful of materials to make. If you already have a chalkboard, just attach some hooks to the back and the DIY is complete.

For those who prefer to be more hands-on and start from scratch, you can paint a block of wood with chalkboard paint, attach the hooks, and also attach the mason jar as seen in the picture below. Place some artificial flowers inside the jar for decoration or use it to collect spare change. For a step-by-step tutorial with plenty of pictures, click here.

Get your memo board and key rack here:

8 DIY Decorations To Make Your Room Chic

2. Confetti Tray

A DIY confetti tray makes a great catch-all dish for jewelry or nice a place for your desk supplies. Regardless of what you’ll be using it for, this confetti tray is extremely cute and eye-catching. You will need a wood tray, some confetti (colors and design of your choice), Mod Podge and Mod Podge Dimensional Magic Glue. If you would like to paint the sides and bottom of your tray, you can also add paint and a paintbrush to your supply list.

First, cover the inside of the tray with Mod Podge, liberally, and pour your confetti straight on top. At this point, you could add other decorative elements such as glitter into the mix. Pour on the Dimensional Magic Glue then let the tray cure overnight. The image below depicts some steps of the process, but for full instructions click here.

8 DIY Decorations To Make Your Room Chic

3. Pressed Flower Frame

Pressed flower frames make beautiful decorations for bedrooms. The best part about them is you can use any size or style of frame that appeals to you and as many flowers as you like. This DIY is super easy to accomplish and there are a few different methods to achieve the desired result so it all comes down to a matter of preference. In order to keep the flowers from appearing “dead,” you will have to press (a term which means to dry, flatten, and remove moisture from) the flowers or petals you want to frame.

The easiest way to do this is by placing your flowers in books, and applying a lot of weight on top then leaving them alone for a while until they dry completely. Then remove them and place arrange them in the frames of your choice. To really give this DIY a personal feel, press flowers from important occasions such as first dates, anniversaries, etc. so that you can keep them as mementos forever. For full, detailed instructions and to see the different methods you can use, click here.

Get your transparent frame here:

8 DIY Decorations To Make Your Room Chic

4. Painted Records

Next time you stop at a thrift store, assuming you like thrifting, look for the section where they keep records. Take your time and look through the bins for records that are pretty damaged (scratched horribly or marred in a way that would render it unplayable). Take a few of those home with you, they should be super cheap. Gather some paint and paint brushes, they don’t have to be super high quality or expensive. At this point, the fun really begins.

Paint some cute designs on each record. Flowers, the solar system, or anything you can think of. Check Pinterest for some ideas as well. Even if you aren’t artistically inclined you can draw whatever you like. If you’d rather not draw, write some quotes from your favorite songs, movies, or books. Hang them on your wall for a cool piece of decor that makes a statement.

Get your paint and brushes kit here:

8 DIY Decorations To Make Your Room Chic

5. Vintage Scroll Frames

Have some art or posters you would like to hang but don’t want to frame? This DIY vintage scroll frame is the perfect way to hang what you like without looking bulky or overly formal. The required materials for this project are kraft paper, wooden dowels, tape (mounting and double-sided), jute twine, and an A3 sized print of your choice.

Begin by laying out the kraft paper, and place your print on top. Cut the craft paper with enough excess on the top and bottom of your print to roll the dowels up in. Place your print in the center of the kraft paper then apply the double sided tape on the bottom and the mounting tape on the top of the excess section. Roll the dowels up so the excess section is completely wrapped up, this creates the scrolled frame. Lastly, tie the twine around the top dowel to create a hanger. Make as many as you’d like, and hang them around your room. For the complete tutorial, click here.

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8 DIY Decorations To Make Your Room Chic

6. Drop Cloth Canvas Art

Another artsy, but simple DIY decoration. Drop cloth canvas art only requires a, you guessed it, drop cloth canvas and whatever medium you want to use to make your art. Good with a needle and thread? Try embroidering a line art design similar to the image below. Really good at painting? Paint a picturesque landscape. You can create your own tapestry, banner, or motivational art. The possibilities are absolutely limitless. You can search Tumblr and Pinterest for inspiration on this project too.

Get your cloth canvas here:

8 DIY Decorations To Make Your Room Chic

7. Floral Wall

Floral walls are an easy way to brighten up your room with a splash of color. All you have to do is pick a few different types of flowers you would like to hang up. Using different types creates variety to break up the boring look of a repeated color or style. Make a pattern by alternating each flower type in rows or columns. To get the flowers up on the wall, you can use clear tape to tape each of the stems to the wall. If you’d like, you could change the flowers every few months to correspond with the seasons. For other ideas on how to create this floral wall, you can search Pinterest.

Get your flowers here:

8 DIY Decorations To Make Your Room Chic

8. Marquee Light Box

These little marquee light boxes are super cute and have become very popular room decorations. This DIY requires a few more materials than the other DIYs in this list but is still pretty uncomplicated to build.  You will be designing the lightbox from scratch including the frame, the front of the box where the letters are placed, and the letters themselves. Once this DIY is complete, you will be glad you didn’t spend a crazy amount of money on a store bought version. Place it on a bookshelf, your desk, or nightstand, and change out the words as often as you like. The full tutorial, with pictures, can be found here.

8 DIY Decorations To Make Your Room Chic

Do you plan on recreating any of these DIYs? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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