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DIY Decor You Need In Your Home

DIY Decor You Need In Your Home

DIY decor has always a special meaning. Not only it’s unique, but it’s made by your own hands. It can save you a little coin, and who doesn’t love that?

I’ve been following for years ‘The Sorry Girls’ on YouTube, and their channel is dedicated all to DIYing. They’re really creative, and I’m convinced they can do anything. Throughout the years I’ve kept a list of the best DIYs they make, or the ones I would love to have at my home. Some of them seem more complicated than others, but we’re here for the ride.

Metal tray

I love this DIY because it was so easy. You only need the tray and the twine. They have this recurring segment on their channel called “That Cost How Much?”, and it’s basically them DIYing expensive things they find on stores, and do it with much less. In this case, you can choose whatever tray you have, or thrift it like they did. 

The twine you can combine it with your sofa, or table, depending on where you want the tray. I think it would be good as a vanity tray, where you can put your perfume, some makeup, and other goods. Or as a jewelry tray. The possibilities are endless. 

Watch the video. | Timestamp: 15:30

DIY Decor You Need In Your Home

Marble concrete planters

Recently I’ve been obsessed with all-things concrete, and this is where it all started. This DIY only requires cement (and maybe dye if you want other colors) so it’s an accessible way to DIY your planters without much effort or money. 

Concrete looks really good basically with any style of decor, and plants give all spaces a sense of freshness and openness. So this is the perfect combination to spice up any space. You can play with the size, colors, and types of plants you use. 

Watch the video.

DIY Decor You Need In Your Home

Terrazzo tray

This terrazzo tray is everything I want right now in life! I love decor that looks like I did it, and this is the perfect example. It looks homey and familiar. Terrazzo consists of tiles, stones, glass, and different materials to create that look of a mosaic.

I love it because it gives you total permission to be creative. You use any materials you like, whatever colors suit your area, and it looks really amazing. When it’s done you can put a candle and a plant, like they did. But also it can be a jewelry tray or a centerpiece with some figures and small decorations.

Watch the video. | Timestamp: 5:45

DIY Decor You Need In Your Home

Shoe mat

For me, shoes are always a no-go at home. They carry dirt, bacterias, and dust. So putting one of these by your door will secure the cleanliness of your home, and also add a little zen-looking space on your home.

This shoe mat looks really zen. The stones help to keep the mat clean since stones are much easier to clean than wood or any other material. You don’t have to glue them to the tray, so you only need wood, stones and a silicon mat for the bottom.

Watch the video. | Timestamp: 1:10

DIY Decor You Need In Your Home

Plant stand

Plant stands usually cost a lot, so the fact that this one it’s done with just wood it’s a lot to say. The whole video presents different options which I love, and I can’t just choose one.

The awesome thing about plants is that they’re an easy way to decorate. So having a planter that looks good it’s the perfect addition to your decor. You can also paint them whatever color you like since it’s just wood, and just have fun with it!

Watch the video. | Timestamp: 4:40

DIY Decor You Need In Your Home

Foam cactus

I know the struggle of wanting plants but not being able to have them for multiple reasons. It can be either you don’t have the time, the energy or just space. These cute faux plants are your perfect solution!

It’s as easy as painting foam and creating a base for it. It can also be a great addition to your desk at work, and the best part is it doesn’t need watering!

Watch the video. | Timestamp: 9:55

DIY Decor You Need In Your Home

Float frame

The first DIY I ever did was a floating frame, and let me tell you I felt like a legit interior designer. Floating frames are the ultimate DIY to make your room feel more put together.

It’s literally just a frame and whatever you want to put on it. Greenery always looks good in floating frames, so that could be your first attempt. The Sorry Girls also did it with thread, and it looked too cute!

Watch the video.

DIY Decor You Need In Your Home

Brass storage box

Part of the “That Cost How Much?” series, the girls DIYied this brass storage box which they saw on CB2. It’s a simple addition to a room, but it doubles as storage of course, so it’s the perfect combination of style and storage.

Same with a lot of DIYs, you can change the color, shape, and do it based on your style. It can also serve as a planter. 

Watch the video. | Timestamp: 3:27

DIY Decor You Need In Your Home

See Also

Wood tray

This is by far my favorite DIY from The Sorry Girls. It does need some skils on woodworking, but the result is totally worth it! I think trays look awesome as decor. They hold candles and plants and make a table look complete, without much work.

I use a tray at my room to help me keep my cables organized. Chargers, extensions, etc. They help keep you organized and the place looks a bit more put-together.

Watch the video. | Timestamp: 0:58

DIY Decor You Need In Your Home

Vanity mirror

Yes! It is as simple as it looks. It’s just a mirror and wood, but it looks so chic. I could see this as a vanity mirror to put on your makeup. It’s the perfect size, so it doesn’t take up much space. It would also look great on a nightstand or as a bathroom mirror. 

If you want to combine it with any other color, just paint it or stain it and you’re all set!

Watch the video. | Timestamp: 2:05

DIY Decor You Need In Your Home

Neon sign

Neon signs have made a comeback recently. People are using them as decor on their home, parties, restaurants, they’re all over the place. They look good but also serve as a secondary light in any room. I thought it was impossible to make it on your own, but I was totally wrong! 

Once you have in mind the shape and color you want, you’re halfway there! They explained it really well, and once you try it let me know so I see your results!

Watch the video.

DIY Decor You Need In Your Home

Hanging nightstand

I love this nightstand! It’s so delicate and perfect. It’s basically a tray hanging from the ceiling, but I never thought about it! If you’re looking for a minimalist addition to your room, this is the perfect one.

Since it doesn’t have any drawers, it forces you to keep it simple. Put your phone, a lamp, and a candle and you’re done.

Watch the video.

DIY Decor You Need In Your Home

I hope you loved all these ideas as much as I did. Just get creative and start spicing up your home. Let me know in the comments your favorite idea! 

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