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10 DIY Decor Ideas For Your First Apartment

10 DIY Decor Ideas For Your First Apartment

For many of us, moving into our first apartment is another level of stress. If you are on a budget, you suddenly have more space than ever to fill with furniture and decorations. You can absolutely make your apartment feel like home without spending a fortune! Most of these easy, affordable DIY decor ideas can be customized to match your vibe.

1. Make A Photo Collage!

Photo collages are a convenient and adorable way to fill up wall space. It’s also a great option for those of us who are not allowed to put holes in our walls because you can use command strips or double-sided tape to secure your photos on the wall. For this project, you may choose to use aesthetic pictures and/or your own photos! I love to add a few personal touches, such as photos with friends or vacation photos. Pinterest has an abundance of aesthetically pleasing photos you can use to create the perfect look. If you are looking for a more affordable option, you can print out your own photos at your local drugstore. However, if you are running low on time you may buy a pre-made pack of photos curated for photo collages from Etsy! The best part about this DIY is that you can arrange the photos to match your style.

2. Try Removable Wallpaper

Removable wallpaper is an affordable and effortless way to make your apartment feel like a home. It comes in a variety of colors and trendy patterns and is easily peeled off at the end of your lease. Adding wallpaper is the perfect statement in contrast to the typical wall colors in apartments. If you are not ready to commit to stick-on wallpaper, stickers are available to create a similar look. An added plus- it provides the perfect selfie wall!


3.  Try The Foam Mirror Trend

Foam mirrors have taken over Pinterest! Online, they can cost you up to a few hundred dollars. No worries- you can DIY the same mirror at home. If you have an old mirror you no longer use that will be perfect, otherwise, I suggest visiting your local thrift store for affordable options. Once you have found your mirror, carefully remove the frame (remember it is glass!). To achieve the fluffy look, you will need ‘expanding foam’ which can be found online or in hardware stores for an average of $6. In my experience, I needed two cans of foam to fully complete the mirror. Make sure you take your mirror outside and carefully spray the foam in a zig-zag formation around the mirror until you reach the desired effect. Leave it out to dry and paint it to your preference!

4. Make Your Own Twisted Candles

Twisted or bent candles are much easier to make than it seems. This is time-efficient and affordable DIY decor item has quickly become a staple in my apartment. Candles add an extra touch of color and personalization to your home, a definite must-have. For this DIY- all you need are taper candles and warm water. Allow your candles to soak in the warm water until they become malleable, at this point, you have the choice to either flatten them or twist them as is! You can twist and shape these candles into a variety of shapes, perfect to change the look for different rooms!


5. DIY Yarn Wall Hanging

Wall hangings are a chic addition to any room. These affordable and minimum-effort boho wall hangings will look amazing in your living or bedroom. This DIY decor can be fully customized to match the decor in your apartment! All you will need to recreate this is a wooden dowel or metal hoop, a few bundles of yarn, and paint if you’d like to customize it. I’ve been loving the rustic look this easy DIY creates, and they can be rather expensive if you buy them pre-made. Plus- you can customize the color scheme of your yarn to match whichever room you will hang it in. After you collect your material, simply cut the yarn and tie it to your dowel or hoop! Then- you have a fun and easy craft you can do to bond with your roommates!


6. Recreate Pinterest Paintings

In my experience, filling your apartment with cute paintings to hang can get very pricey. Before you know it, half your budget has been spent on wall art. I think a large part of making your home feel more personal is adding artwork that reflects your personality! You can still have Instagram worthy wall-art without spending a small fortune, get in touch with your artistic side and make it at home! When my roommates and I first moved into our apartment, we had such a great time painting pictures. With this DIY, you can use Pinterest for inspiration or recreate a poster you’ve had your eyes on!

7. Make Your Own Bar Cart

Bar carts are a cute and trendy way to store your cups, shot glasses, and any bottles you have! You can re-use an old piece of furniture such as a dresser to get the same look for less. Repurposing old furniture is a great way to stretch what you have available without compromising style.


8. Re-Paint Old Vases

 If you are looking for a stylish pop of color- paint a funky design on vases! Vases are multifunctional and can hold a variety of things. For your bedroom, try using them to hold makeup brushes or office supplies. For the living room, try either a fresh or artificial floral arrangement to make it feel more like home!

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9. Create A Flower Wall

DIY flower walls are a trouble-free and therapeutic addition to your bedroom or living room. Flowers are a great way to bring a touch of nature to your home. For this DIY, you may hang your flowers from clear string or artificial vines, if you are going for a simple look you can attach the flowers directly to the wall. It’s up to you how you’d like to arrange your flowers, get in touch with your inner designer!


10. DIY Hanging Plants

I absolutely adore the look hanging plants bring to my apartment. This is the perfect addition to your porch or bedroom! It can get pretty pricey trying to purchase them pre-made, it is actually super simple to make at home. You only need two things for this straightforward DIY- rope and a potted plant. This is a stunning way to show off your plant babies! Once you commit to which plants you would like to hang, all you have to do is tie the rope in a basket formation around the plant and hang on a command strip! Just like that- you have the perfect home for your beloved plants.

11. Find Decorations That Represent you!

The great thing about DIY decor is you can get as creative as you want! For my first apartment, I took advantage of what I had and reinvented it to look fabulous in my new home. Take it one piece at a time and slowly watch your first home come together. How did you decorate your first apartment? Comment below!