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DIY Cute Face Mask Chains On A Budget

Face mask chains are becoming more and more popular due to the current conditions we are living in. Since face masks are required in public spaces in most areas, adding a chain to these masks are quickly becoming a new trend. There are so many ways you can make your own face mask chains at home without having to spend a lot of money or even any at all! Knowing a few DIY hacks in these times spent at home will be helpful for when you go back to school or work and need your face mask with you at all times!

Use An Old Necklace

We all probably have some old necklaces that we have not worn in years that’s just lying around the house somewhere. Even your mom or sister might have some that they forgot were even there! All you will need to buy are some lobster clasps and jump rings (which you will need for almost all of these DIY hacks!) Open the jump ring and connect it to each end of the necklace. Then add the lobster clasps to those, where you will be able to connect the clasps to the elastic on your face mask. Grab some old necklaces and start making your own face mask chains at home!

Matching Colors

If you want to be matching with your face mask and its chain, you will most likely need to go out and buy different colored chains for each of your masks. You will need the same two materials as before to apply the chains to the masks. It doesn’t need to be anything elaborate, and, as long as the colors match, it will go great for going back to school and work! Creating matching masks and chains will be perfect for the fashionista who wants to take advantage of the times we are living in by making a statement with her masks! 

Beaded Chain

Buying a beaded chain is a great way to make your face mask chain look a little more elegant without having to spend a lot of money. You can buy some beads and attach them to a chain yourself, or use an old beaded necklace you have around your house. Add some clasps to the end of the necklace and attach them to your face mask before going out! It works with just about any color or design of a mask there is. It will also work great if you have a job where you need to dress up but still wear a mask. 


Using an old pearl necklace will add a level of sophistication to your face mask chains. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive; just find a simple pearl necklace for a low price and add it to your mask. You can even make your own pearl necklace if you want to make it a full-on DIY project! Using the same materials as before (lobster clasps and jump rings) is all you will need to create an elegant DIY face mask chain for an everyday look! It is perfect for someone who works in retail or is at the office and wants to look nice every day while wearing a mask.

Gold Chains

This is the classic face mask chain that got us inspired by this trend. It is the easiest way to add a chain to your face masks without having to change it up based on the occasion. Since it is so neutral, you can wear it with any mask and any outfit. You will need the lobster clasps and jump rings to create this look but you can create so many masks with just a few small purchases. You can buy gold chains in bulk, so creating multiple face mask chains for every day and even for your friends and family can be easily achieved with this DIY hack. 

Detachable Chain

Sometimes it is easier to just buy a piece of fabric that is ready to be attached to the mask and is easily removable. Buying a detachable chain, necklace, or fabric piece is a simple way to make a face mask chain if you do not want to do a whole lot of work yourself. You can use your favorite patterned fabric and see what is available right now! If you want to take a more sustainable approach, using strips of fabric from clothes you don’t wear anymore is a great way to do this. All you will have to do is use the same two materials as previously mentioned and attach them to the fabric once it is cut. Then, it can be easily removed from the face mask if you do not want it on all the time. 

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Matching Designs

Finding a face mask and a chain that have similar patterns or designs on them might be a challenge, but if you can find the right ones for your aesthetic, it could be perfect. Look in your closet for a necklace that has a single heart or cross on it, and then search for a mask or fabric with the same design. You can even create your own mask if you have fabric that matches the necklace or chain you are wanting to create. This is a simple way to make wearing a face mask all day more enjoyable and fashionable. 

Stretch Cord

This may not be the most aesthetically pleasing option, but if you want a quick and simple DIY hack, this is the way to go. Getting an old stretchy cord and attaching it to your face mask is so simple, anyone can do it! You can use this for storing your face masks on a key hook or in your car. It is probably going to be the best option for someone who isn’t very crafty but still wants to make their own face mask chain! 

Which of these DIY face mask chains will you be trying at home? Let us know in the comments below!

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