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30 DIY Costumes Punny Enough To Impress Your Friends

30 DIY Costumes Punny Enough To Impress Your Friends

Halloween is fast approaching, which means it’s time to start thinking about your costume. But have no fear!  If you love a good pun and are on a budget,  I have 30 easy DIY costumes ideas that will have everyone impressed.

1. Cereal Killer

Who wants to be an serial killer when you can be a cereal killer? This is a super easy costume to put together and you can be creative with it too. All you need are mini cereal boxes or one big one if you want), a plain t-shirt of any color, and safety pins. If you really want to be creative, you can also add plastic knives and stab the boxes! This will surely be a stand-out costume at your next Halloween party.

What you need:

2. Dunkin Donuts

All you need is an inflatable donut tube, a basketball jersey, and a mini basketball to make this punny costume.

what you need:

3. 50 Shades of Gray

Why bother with the movie costumes when you can use this clever take? All you need are some paint swatches – the ones you can get at your local hardware store – some glue and a plain t-shirt. If you really want to go all out, dress up in as much gray as you can and slap on the paint chips. You can also use exactly 50 paint swatches to show your subtle, yet ultimate, dedication!

4. Nickelback

This punny costume will only cost you $2 at most. Who can say no to that price? All you need are nickels and a plain t-shirt. Glue the nickels to your back and voila! You’re now a famous band. Maybe you’ll be on tour soon.

5. One Night Stand

All you need for this is cardboard and anything you want to use to decorate! Or if you’re feeling really crazy – and strong – you can use a legitimate piece of furniture, like this guy.

6. Maroon 5

Maroon clothing and the number 5, need I say more?

7. Blessing in Disguise

You know those disguise glasses with the big nose? Well, you only need that, black clothing, and the word “blessing” or “bless you” on your shirt. Easy peasy!

what you need:

8. When life gives you lemons…

…you can turn it into a costume with just a t-shirt and the citrus itself.

9. Pig in a Blanket

A pig nose, pig ears, and a blanket will make the coziest punny costume out there!

what you need:

10. The Spice Girls

This is perfect for a group of friends. Not only is this easy to do, but this is also super cheap to make. Just dress in all white and print out pictures of different spices and there you have it: The Spice Girls.


11. Deviled Egg

All you need is a plain white t-shirt or dress, some yellow fabric cut into an oval – like an egg yolk – and devil horns. You can also add a tail!

what you need:

12. Fork in the Road

This has to be the punniest of all the DIY costumes I’ve seen. Make a road with tape on your t-shirt and then glue a plastic fork to the middle.

13. Jail Bird

Dress like a person would in jail, black and white stripes, then add bird makeup and wings!

what you need:

14. Bee-Yonce

Dress like a bee, put “Yonce” on the front, and you’ll transform into the Queen Bee herself.

what you need:

15. Social Butterfly

This is a cute idea for all you social media lovers. Put on some butterfly wings, glam up your makeup, and wear a plain t-shirt with the different types of social media pinned to it. You’ll be the cutest, most clever social butterfly at the party.

what you need:

16. French Toast

Oui oui! Bonjour! Dress up as a stereotypical French person and wear a piece of – not real – toast around your neck.

17. Identity Theft

Super easy and super punny! All you need to do for this criminal costume is to dress in all black and cover yourself with nametags that all say different names.

what you need:

18. Oh Deer and Holy Cow

No explanation needed, because what friends need an excuse to be cute animals together?

what you need:


19. Hawaiian Punch

To become this favorite childhood drink, dress in Hawaiian themed clothing and wear boxing gloves. This punny costume will pack a punch!

what you need:

20. Spice Rack

Grab a cheap bra and some spices and you’ll have yourself quite the interesting spice rack.

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21. Chick Magnet

If you ever wanted to be a chick magnet, but were never considered one, here is your chance! Come up with some sort of magnet to hang around your neck and fasten some peeps or rubber ducks to it. Now you’ll have all the chicks hanging on your every word… literally.

22. Witch Doctor

Nobody wants a witch as their doctor – who knows what spells you could cast on patients? But for Halloween this costume will be perfect. You just need some scrubs and a witch hat, and you’ll have a comfy, easy costume ready to go.

what you need:


23. Taco Belle

Grab a yellow dress or top and skirt. Now run to Taco Bell and grab a 12-pack of tacos. Now you have your prop! If you’re feeling advanced, you can create tacos and put them all over your dress. Now you’ll be the princess of all the burritos.

what you need:


24. Ceiling Fan

Whip up your best cheerleader outfit and make a shirt or a sign supporting your favorite ceiling.

what you need:

25. Holy Shit

…I dare someone to be this for Halloween.


26. Shooting Star

All you need to do to shine bright this Halloween is to rock a shirt with some sort of star on it and walk around with water guns blazin’. No one is safe!


27. Monkey Business

Monkey see, monkey do… business?

28. Bag of Eminems

Print out variations of Eminem and tape them to a garbage bag. Perfect for an ABC – anything but clothes – Halloween party!

29. Fantasy Football

Create the ultimate fantasy for men of all kinds by combining football and wizardry in your costume.

what you need:

30. Candy (W)rappers

You can find everything for this around your room! A hoodie, sunglasses, a hat, paperclips and candy wrappers. You might have to eat some candy to pin the wrappers to your hoodie, but we all have to take one for the team sometimes, right?

Let us know if you have any other ideas for punny DIY costumes!

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