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12 DIY Closet Organizer Ideas You Need To Try Out ASAP

12 DIY Closet Organizer Ideas You Need To Try Out ASAP

Take a look at these closet organizer ideas that will save your wardrobe essentials! They are inexpensive and help with storage!

One of the most frustrating moments of getting ready for the day is when you can’t seem to find anything in your closet. The disorganization is unbearable and you can’t find your way through the pile of discarded clothes that is almost as tall as you are. It can be easy to get disorganized. A sweater thrown here, pajama pants there, but there are little ways to create more space for yourself and keep a clear head while you are getting ready for the day. Here are a few closet organizer ideas for your closet.

1) Create Your Own Scarf Hanger

This is quite a nifty DIY circulating around the internet. Use a regular hanger to tie your scarves around so that they are easily accessible. They can be nestled right next to your jackets and that way you can keep them near your clothes to figure out which color schemes you like best. This is one of the best closet organizer ideas!

scarf hanging


2) Key Holders are Not Just for Keys

Purchase a key holder from the dollar store or target and use them to display your belts, hats or jewelry. You can keep them in one place and perfectly organized so you can grab one on the go. Organize them by size or color and you have perfect access to a great accessory.

key holder

3) Color Code

This organizational tip doesn’t require any tools but you may have to roll your sleeves up for this one. If you ever have the perfect outfit in mind and can’t find that one article of clothing in the chaos you call your closet? Organize your clothes by category (jackets, dresses, button ups, etc.) and then by color. By doing this, you will be able to find that article of clothing immediately. This is one of the best closet organizer ideas!


color code

4) Bring Kitchen Supplies to Your Closet

There are simple kitchen products that will help with your closet organization tremendously. Take a dish dryer or plate rack to organize your flats or your clutches. You can also use a paper towel holder to keep your bracelets in one place.

paper towel holder


5) The Multipurpose Shower Curtain Rings

Use the clip curtain rings to organize any chaos that may be arisen in your closet. Use them to hold necklaces, belts, scarves, small bags and even your bras. The best part of this hack is that they come in a pack of twelve! This is one of the best closet organizer ideas!

shower hanger

6) Revamp Some Shoe Boxes

Organizing your closet doesn’t mean you can’t spruce up your space a bit. Before chucking your shoe boxes, get some scrapbook or wrapping paper and decorate the boxes so that they are all the same. They can be floral, polka dot, anything you like. Create something pretty and use it to store your shoes, socks, camis or intimates.


show box

7) Use a Chain to Create More Space

This trick is mind blowing and pure genius. Take a small chain link that your hangers can fit into and hang it in your closet. You can fit about four or five hangers on the chain and create much more space for yourself. This is one of the best closet organizer ideas!

chain link


8) Utilize Your Closet Door

Use door hanging devices to organize the simplest of messes. Use a shoe holder for your everyday shoes or use them to hold small bags, rolled up leggings or tank tops. Or even better, get a pantry organizer for snacks a kitchen goods and use it to organize your purses and shoes.


9) Bring a Towel Rack into Your Closet Space

If you are like me, you have an abundance of shoes. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about but it does create a bit of a space issue. There is, however, a nifty hack you can try and put a towel rack on your wall. Hang you heals on the rack so that they are on display because honestly, they are great to look at, and they will be organized in one spot. This is one of the best closet organizer ideas!


shoe rack

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10) Fold Your Clothes Like A Pro

This hack requires a tutorial video and some patience. Once you learn how to fold your shirts the proper way, it will narrow the bulk down exponentially. It requires some strategic folding, sure, but once it is mastered, you will use this for storage and packing and never look back.



Learn How Here:


11) Get a Peg Board

A peg board can often be used to organize your office and hold tools. But it can also be used to hold extra pieces taking up room in your closet. Use it to hold and display your jewelry and hats. It will be more organized and look cool as a part of your decor.

peg board

12) Create Compartments Within Your Dresser Drawers

Dresser drawers can get quite chaotic very quickly. They become a catch-all of delicates, pajamas and things we aren’t quite sure where else to put. Use some card board and create little compartments to store your socks, bras and everything in between.



Which of these closet organizer ideas are you going to try? Let us know in the comments.

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