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8 DIY Clay Face Masks That Are Extremely Satisfying

8 DIY Clay Face Masks That Are Extremely Satisfying

When caring for your skin, the number one best thing you can do for your face besides drinking water, is applying a moisturiser designed for your skin type, and of course, applying face masks. Face masks are a sure fire way to clean your skin thoroughly clean, they work to reduce the appearance of pores, remove blackheads, whiteheads, eliminate dirt and traces of makeup, and most importantly, reveal fresh, healthy looking skin.

Clay face masks specifically, are designed to soak up all the dead skin on the skin’s surface, in an effort to promote new skin cells to form. They remove dirt, impurities, pollution and other nasties to reveal fresh, revitalised skin. Clay face masks in particular are great for those with acne-prone or oily skin types, as the clay-like texture works to soak up the skin’s natural oils in a more active way. In this way, clay face masks have become quite popular recently, and everyone is dying to get their hands on them in one way or another.

While of course it may be safe to buy a face mask from a brand you trust or wish to support, you can easily make your own clay face mask right at home. And actually, you can be quite creative with it too! So if you’re interested in using a clay face mask and even more interested in learning how to make them yourself, then you definitely need to try these eight DIY clay face masks that look extremely satisfying to the naked eye.

1. Hibiscus Clay Mask

Now that already sounds pretty and we haven’t even seen a picture yet. Hibiscus is a flowering plant that comes in a variety of colours, but this gorgeous dark pink blush colour is giving us massive amounts of satisfaction right now. Hibiscus also contains antioxidants that are powerful in fighting signs of ageing and evening the skin tone.

From Facial Clay Masks, this hibiscus clay face mask is great for all skin types, it works to deep cleanse the skin, fights dark spots, signs of ageing and acne, and is great for anyone who has uneven skin tone.

8 DIY Clay Face Masks That Are Extremely Satisfying

2. Moisturising DIY Clay Mask

If you have drier skin, you’re probably hoping to find a clay face mask that will put some moisture back in your skin. And with this moisturising DIY clay mask from Heartbeet Kitchen, you will not only leave your skin feeling moisturised and healthy, but with all the plant-based ingredients this mask offer, you’ll feel equally great about applying it!

Made with European clay powder, essential oil and rosehip oil, there really isn’t much to fault with this face mask. The clay works to absorb excess oils, dirt, bacteria and traces of makeup, this mask is also a light exfoliator, and will easily cleanse all skin types.

8 DIY Clay Face Masks That Are Extremely Satisfying

3. Healing Honey Clay Mask

For those with dry and acne-prone skin, you’ve probably already heard that honey will do wonders for your skin. This healing honey clay mask from Simply Quinoa is made with Indian healing clay, avocado oil and honey, all ingredients which work harmoniously together to moisturise dry skin.

The mask also uses a combination of essential oils such as sweet orange, frankincense and cedarwood which to help to fight signs of ageing, blemishes and acne, and any lingering bacteria that may be hiding on the skin.

8 DIY Clay Face Masks That Are Extremely Satisfying

4. Rose Clay Face Mask

Now this is the kind of face mask we were actually looking for. A gorgeous colour tinge to a clay face mask is what makes a face mask that much more satisfying, especially in the way it can be mixed and applied to the face.

And this rose clay face mask from The Soap Queen is perfect not only for looking at, but for those with dry, mature skin. The mask embodies all the nutrients from chamomile to soothe irritated or dry skin, and rose hip seed oil to bring some moisture back into the skin. Too pretty to articulate.

8 DIY Clay Face Masks That Are Extremely Satisfying

5. Herbs and Honey Pink Clay Mask

A combination of honey and an array of herbs, this herbs and honey pink clay mask from Humble Bee and Me uses a blend of two clays to maximise the nutrients that go into the skin. The mask uses the gorgeous Australian pink clay which easily dyes the mask a lovely shade of pink without much effort, and turns the entire into a gorgeous dusty pink colour without dyeing the skin pink.

The mask uses white willow bark, calendula and fragrant rose petals, but any blend of botanicals will work with this mask, depending on the type of purpose you wish to use the mask for. Lightly exfoliating as well, this face mask is all kinds of pretty and satisfying to make.

8 DIY Clay Face Masks That Are Extremely Satisfying

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6. Turmeric Clay Mask

Specifically designed for those with oil skin types, this DIY turmeric clay mask is perfect for anyone who wishes to give their skin a fresh new start. This turmeric clay mask from Soap Queen uses the hero ingredient turmeric which contains antioxidants that have anti-inflammatory properties.

The mask contains kaolin clay, carrot extract and carrot seed oil all of which are rich in vitamins that help to rejuvenate the skin in the healthiest way possible. Although turmeric has a distinct herby scent that can be off-putting, this recipe uses a small amount which makes it less overwhelming. Pretty and satisfying to spread over the skin, this will leave your skin fresh and healthy.

8 DIY Clay Face Masks That Are Extremely Satisfying

7. Restoring Herbal Clay Face Mask

Made with the amazing nutrients of gotu kola, which is said to help fight signs of photo-ageing, improve collagen production and fight against acne, this restoring herbal clay face mask from Facial Clay Masks is all kinds of wonderful for the skin.

This mask also uses marshmallow root, which is said to relieve skin irritation and inflammation and protect the skin from UV damage. The mask helps to restore skin and encourage new skin cells on the surface. We think this will be just the kind of pampering you need.

8 DIY Clay Face Masks That Are Extremely Satisfying

8. Green Tea Clay Mask

Green tea has special antioxidants in it that help to tighten the skin and give it a fresh new look. So combining green tea with clay is all kinds of perfect when the warmer months approach, when the air is a little harsher on the skin, especially with the sun constantly coming out to play.

And this DIY green tea clay mask from Savy Naturalists is super thick and helps to revitalise the skin while also great when acting to detoxify the pores. A beautiful rich green colour, we’re sure this one will be just as satisfying to make as it is to look at.

8 DIY Clay Face Masks That Are Extremely Satisfying

Which colour do you think is the most satisfying in face masks? Let us know in the comments down below!

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