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15 DIY Christmas Ornaments To Make Your Tree Stand Out

15 DIY Christmas Ornaments To Make Your Tree Stand Out

These DIY Christmas ornaments are going to make your tree look great this year! Here are some of our favorite DIY Christmas decorations!

Christmas is one of the most exciting times of the year. There are so many fun things to look forward to like spending time with family and eating great food. However, before you can get to all of that you’ve got to prepare and get in a festive mood. One of the best ways to do that is by decorating your Christmas tree. Decorating your tree can be a super fun and creative time. Here is a list of creative DIY Christmas ornaments to make your tree stand out this holiday season.

Fabric Tree Ornaments

This one is simple, quick, and easy. If you’re low on time but still want unique ornaments, you should give this DIY project a try. All you’ll need is wooden tree-shaped pieces and any fabric of your choice. Not only is it affordable but is easily customizable to your personal style.


Diamond Ornaments

If you’re looking to make your tree shine bright like a diamond, this is ornament is a must have. This pretty, yet simple, DIY Christmas ornament shows you how to create gorgeous diamond shaped ornaments to add a little extra sparkle to your tree.

Wooden Tree Ornaments

These simple wooden trees are perfect for anyone looking to achieve a modern look with their Christmas tree decorations. The best part is that you can easily customize the colors to fit your own color scheme.


Glitter Unicorn Ornaments

Who doesn’t love glitter and unicorns? This DIY Christmas ornament project is great for any unicorn lover. If you’re looking to step away from the traditional Christmas them and go for something a bit quirkier, these cute ornaments are a great piece to start with.


Marbled Ornaments

Looking to get a bit artsy with your ornaments? Try this DIY craft. Create beautifully unique works of art to hang on your tree. Not only will each ornament be different, but you’ll be the only one with these specific ornaments. Your tree is sure to stand out with these DIY ornaments!

Glitter Dust Ornaments

Glitter is basically a holiday staple, so why not take things up a notch and create some sparkly glitter ornaments. These DIY Christmas ornaments will make your tree glisten just a little bit more than all the others. Just make sure you don’t spill the glitter everywhere. Unless that’s the look you’re going for, then spill away!


Snow Globe Ornaments

Snow globes are always cute, but wouldn’t they be 10 times cuter if they could hang from your tree? Well, with this DIY Christmas ornament project that’s a goal you can achieve.


Mosaic Ornaments

This is another artsy DIY Christmas ornament. If you’re a fan of beautiful mosaics, you must create some of these ornaments for your tree.

Baroque Pearl Ornaments

For a vintage style tree, this DIY Christmas ornament will give your tree some very elegant vibes. Using pretty lace, pearls, and cameo pieces, this ornament will definitely catch people’s attention.


Golden Snitch Ornaments

You might not be an actual wizard, but you can feel like one with these cute Harry Potter inspired DIY Christmas ornaments. Decorate your tree in honor of The Boy Who Lived with these sparkly golden snitch ornaments.

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Pineapple Ornaments

Perhaps winter and Christmas aren’t really your thing. Maybe you’re missing the warmth of summer. If that’s the case, then try giving your tree a summer vibes theme. Create cute pineapple ornaments to add to summery tree.


Hot Chocolate Ornaments

This DIY ornament is a 2-in-1. Not only does it serve as pretty decorations for your tree, but you can also drink it. Inside each of these ornaments is the perfect hot chocolate drink mix. All you have to do is pour the ingredients into a hot cup of milk or water and enjoy!

Scrabble Ornaments

Use these cute DIY ornaments to make a statement with your Christmas tree decorations. This DIY project is super easy because most people already own Scrabble and if you don’t you can easily go to the store and purchase it.


Gold Leaf Ornaments

For an expensive look, try this DIY ornament idea. Select any color of your choosing for the base of your ornament and then add gorgeous gold leaf material to give your tree a super fancy look!


Circus Animal Ornaments

This DIY ornament project looks almost as good as actual circus animal cookies taste. Although you can’t eat these cuties, you can decorate your tree in an adorable, nontraditional, and quirky way. These ornaments will definitely make your tree stand out from the rest.

Which of these DIY ornament ideas will you try this Holiday season? Comment Below!
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