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DIY: Braided Shirt

DIY: Braided Shirt

We all have old t-shirts lying around. You know, the one that you never wear, but still can’t bring yourself to throw out? It just sits in the drawer day after day. Well, here’s an idea to turn it from a ratty shirt to a cute top that you can actually wear again. The only things you’ll need are a pair of scissors, a t-shirt, a pencil, and a needle and thread.


Start by sketching an upside down “T” shape on the back of the shirt, making sure the edges are rounded. The curved lines will give the shirt the relaxed feeling of a summer top. Cut along the lines you just made, stopping at the seam.  You only want to cut the back of the shirt.


Cut the middle piece into three sections and braid it.



Then, you’ll want to take both sides and cut those into three sections each. For each of these sections, cut them further into threes. Braid the cloth strips that you just cut together, this will give you three braids on each side.


This is where the needle and thread come in. Sew each of the smaller side braids onto the larger, middle braid. If there is any excess fabric, just cut it off.


To finish, you first cut off the sleeves at the seam. With the fabric that is left on each side (this will be the fabric that sits on your shoulders and collar bone), cut them into three strips and braid the cloth togetehr. Then, just like before, you will sew each braid onto the middle section. You then have a perfectly good braided shirt made from an old t-shirt!

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