DIY Boot Socks

It’s surprisingly easy to make your own pair of boot socks. You can even recycle an old sweater that you have and use them to make your socks, which helps save you a lot of money, and you can still look cute! There are a couple of different ways. The first, if you have a pair of tall socks laying around or don’t mind buying a pair, you can sew lace on top of your socks, like they did here, to easily make a pair.

diy bootsocks3

To recycle an old sweater, you first cut the sleeves off. How long you want the socks influences where on the sleeve you will cut. If you want them long, you’ll cut them after the shoulder seam. For shorter socks, you’ll cut it below, and you’ll leave your sweater with short sleeves.

diy bootsocks5

Now sew on a lace trim to the top of the sleeve, which will be the top of the sock. If you cut above the seam, or if it looks uneven, first trim the sock so that it looks even, then sew on the lace.

diy bootsocks6

And that’s it! These socks don’t look the best if you’re not wearing boots on top, as they don’t have toes, so if you’ll be going somewhere you need to take your boots off, be warned. If you want to make a pair like the Halloween ones below, just choose a striped sweater and sew on a ruffle. Directions and the pictures can be found here.

diy bootsocks8 diy bootsocks10 diy bootsocks1 diy bootsocks7


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